Magalir Mattum 2017

I didn’t really like the movie and found it quite dragging. But, yes, it is important to portray what a majority of women in our country are going through post marriage through films like this.

Some parts of it were quite unbelievable. From when did men have a change of heart as easily as Livingston or Banupriya’s son has in this movie and start cherishing the women in their lives right away?? Are just a break from their women and a few life lessons enough for them?

The plight of the married women shown was not far from reality though. The wife being made to act as a substitute for a maid as shown by Banupriya or the wife not having the freedom to choose her career as shown by Saranya are reality which we see everyday.

It did feel nice to see long lost friends having a happy reunion.

The one thing which I liked in the movie is the initial documentary which Jyotika takes on housewives/homemakers where each of them talk about their lives. The contrasting personalities of one woman who speaks at length about her never-ending everyday household chores and states how much work she does and the other woman who happily says that post marriage, she is just at home doing nothing, reflected how perceptions differ, be it from the general society or from just oneself. Ironically, both women were homemakers who had children and their routines would have been similar. Yet the way the women perceived themselves differed. Did it depend on the way they were treated at home and how others perceived them too?

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