Why do people eat animals? :((


Vegetarianism is one topic that is very close to my heart. I don’t really know how people are able to kill and eat animals! Today, I got the picture above as a forward, with a subject ‘World’s Saddest pic….really touching’, from one of my friends who eats non-vegetarian. Looking at it I couldn’t help but wonder why she had sent me that picture in the first place. If it really touched her heart so much that she sent it to everybody, then why is she continuing to eat animals? You may ask me why I didn’t ask her this question. But, I have already asked so many people how they are able to eat animals and till now no one has given me a proper answer or worse they tell me that I should taste them and see. How I wish people would stop killing and eating animals!

10 thoughts on “Why do people eat animals? :((

  1. Hell's Angel

    Dont ever get me started on this!!!sometimes its all part and parcel of ppl’s lifestyle and culture.. V for sure don know whether adam & eve thrived only on veg.. so v being part of their clan mit fall in tht category as well..

  2. Sathej

    Oh! Taking a cue from Daneel, I decided to browse your archives today! And what a picture!So touching? Yes, I too am a passionate vegetarian.

  3. Vinod

    Hi Aparna,

    by chance I landed up here from TUD’s blog, even that is a chance event. But I wud luv to state my thought on the abov – Veg or Non veg both ways killing happens – tho’ most of them differ in that it is the fact, why one sud go 4 veg is truly cos of one good reason – it helps ones digestive system well, if v stop eating rice and start to eat only fruits/rice(without spices) it wud be much better for the digetive system but it is all for our taste buds we eat with spices added to it in the form of curry’s. According to many ppl they have been educated or brought up saying that – Killing animal is bad(tho yes*), but truth we are killing plants(Rice,wheat,all veg etc) too but it was never stated – we were illusionised by the same fact instead of stating the truth – VEG/FRUITS will help the digestive system….anything in ctrl is good and beyond is worse 4 human – Veg or Non veg we can spot ppl with belly 🙂

  4. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog 🙂

    >but truth we are killing plants(Rice,wheat,all veg etc) too
    That’s true. But what will happen to all those plants if we leave it with the unplucked fruits/vegetables? Those are eventually going to get rotten, which isn’t the case with animals. So along with telling that veg is good for the digestive system, it should also be reminded that killing animals is cruel….

  5. Sriram

    i’m not a vegetarian by choice but i have thought several times about what i’dve done had i been born into a family that ate dead animals. after seeing the way farm animals are treated (or tortured?) first hand – not hard in madras with goats hanging upside down on a cycle or chickens bunched togethr in a tiny cage, one need not see a peta documentary to know that these birds/animals live in terror under horrible & filthy conditions while awaiting their painful death. so the ‘vegetables too get killed’ argument sounds kinda hollow. & humans have indulged in mass murder/ rape/ stealing/polygamy from time immemorial but that doesn’t mean we let it continue bcos ‘its our culture’ – we as a society got together & decided we cant afford to continue everything our forefathers did & continue to be civilized so we outlawed them-so that line of reasoning is also bs! even cows bred only for milk are treated awfully – which made me give up dairy products & turn vegan(not bcos of alicia silverstone). but its hard to be a true vegan in madras – unless they have started selling organic sugar or soy milk in the past few years so sadly most vegetarians end up using animal products unwittingly many times unless they’re really careful

  6. Aparna

    But not even seeing these animals being tortured seems to have any effect on people! Great to know that you are a vegan. What you say is true but we can only try to be as strict a vegetarian as possible..

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  8. apoorva

    hey aparna…glad there are some ppl who think like me….

    i have time and again tried to convince ppl to give up non veg…. but they always argue that even plants are living and we kill them… an arguement i find pathetic and cowardly…what i find most annoying is that they love their pets and call themselves animal lovers but meat …. true hypocrisy…

    heres hoping ppl realise their mistakes and become vegetarians !

  9. Jayma

    U inspired me tor be a veg I thx u for tht I saw pic of tourted animals I was crying all night but I stopes knowing crying wouldent change anything so I inspired some of my friends to become one with me


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