When the baby sleeps…

If there is one thing that almost every person who visits you post the birth of your baby tell you, it’s ‘You should take rest and nap when the baby sleeps’. It’s another fact that when you have at least one more person who can take care of the baby, you can rest even when the baby is awake. The problem arises when you are the only one with the baby the whole day and you have a dozen household chores waiting to be done at any given point of time. So every time the baby takes a nap, you would be rushing to do as much as possible and before you are even half way through your chores, the baby would be wide awake feeling refreshed.

Now that my little one is almost two and a half years old and his nowadays-rare daytime naps are always when his sister is back from school,¬†finding a bit of a free time for myself has become a rarity.¬†Today is one of those rare days when my little one is now having his daytime nap and I don’t have much to be done. Ok if I want, I can dust the windows, iron the clothes, etc. But I have decided that all those can wait. Here I am, all set to type away everything that I wanted to in the last two weeks.


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