The Missed Fitness Goals

I have been struggling to reduce my weight for almost three years now. Walking 10K steps a day hasn’t really helped so far. Looks like it will give proper result only if I walk those steps at a stretch, which isn’t a possibility.

Skipping chocolates, ice creams and fried/oily foods completely too didn’t help.

Going in for a low-carb diet and skipping rice completely seems to be the new mantra, but I just love my sambhar/rasam/curd rice so much to completely let go of it.

What will definitely help is a good workout on a daily basis which I am not at all doing.

I fondly remember those breaks from work when my friends and I used to go to the weighing machine in office, check our weights, grumble over it and then, later, indulge in a samosa or Lays or Cafe Coffee Day’s Devil’s Own or a Caramel-flavoured (I forgot the exact name!) ice cream from Baskin & Robins. 😉 That was a decade back! How old do I feel!

From sometime in 2007, I started going for long walks. But it wasn’t until 2009 when I joined a Yoga class that I got any real workout done. Just 6 months of going to a class regularly and later continuing to doing it on my own for the next four years, albeit only on and off, did help me till then. After that, every time I started off afresh and did it for a few days or a couple of weeks at a stretch, something or the other caused me to take a break after which I never immediately resumed when I could.

Yoga gave my body a flexibility which, thankfully, still remains. Surya Namaskaram has always been my favourite.

Yesterday evening, just when my daughter and I were talking about the exercises that I should be doing, in walked my husband who started talking about starting off with a workout plan. And, thus, I started off with my exercises yet again yesterday. I hope to keep it going for at least a few months. This time, at least, I should.

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