Mindful Talking – A Self-Reminder

Writing at length about how I had let impatience take over me at several instances in the last couple of days has made me realize that not only was I getting stressed out unnecessarily, but I should also not let myself get back to my old ways even for fleeting moments. Here is a quick self-reminder on how I should get back full-fledged to my mindful talking ways:

  • Be mindful of how much you talk and, more importantly, the way you talk. The words should come out at a slow pace and in a soft voice. Lengthy conversations with me being the prime talker is a strict no-no.
  • Do not shout – not even across the room talking. Sometime, last month, my daughter said, “I could hear your voice from the other room.” That is precisely how much the volume of my voice shouldn’t have been.
  • Do not talk in a whispering voice.
  • Do not sing or hum.
  • Do not polambify (Don’t I love Tanglish!)¬†/ rant about anything – be it something mundane or something life-altering.
  • Be completely relaxed.

I already have these written on a post-it on my fridge in the kitchen and read through it on a daily basis or whenever I feel I am not sticking to any of the points. Writing these here will help me be a lot more mindful.

As an aside, don’t these points ultimately boil down to having immense patience and improving your patience level with every passing moment?


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