As I wait for the words to flow….

This blog has been left to rust yet again by me. There definitely has not been a dearth of thoughts or happenings to be written about, but, barring a few sentences here and there, I have just not been able to sit and write lengthy posts. The words just refused to pour though and I just refused to prioritize my creative pursuits of any sort having been totally wrapped up in the parenting responsibilities and housekeeping chores.

February was this rare super smooth month when the regular school and other classes along with the regular outdoor play time kept the children fully occupied. They both have taken to this routine so much that they refuse to step out anywhere else other than their usual play areas on all weekdays. The extra classes take up a good chunk of time on weekends and it has been what feels like ages since we visited any nature parks in Singapore.

Talking about nature parks, did I tell you that nature parks are my favourite places to visit in Singapore? Being amidst the lush green surroundings, walking under the canopy of trees, exploring different nature trails, catching a bird or two up close, walking around lakes and ponds where turtles and monitor lizards are a common sight, nature parks are, to me, the best places to unwind and relax in Singapore.

March began with an unscheduled school holiday for little R on the very first day, kicking off a disarray of sorts to our super smooth routine. With only half a day school for S with exams happening and R having his school holidays this week, I was expecting a lot of craziness with sibling fights and even more outdoor play time. While the sibling fight has been going on super strong, this disarray actually proved to be such a good change that we have been spending more time at home.

Spellings, numbers, multiplication, division, handwriting and Tamizh spellings have been keeping us as much occupied as are slime, play-doh, ludo, doctor set toys and, of course, the Hot Wheels and other construction vehicles.

With S having her last exam today, she will be completing an academic year. In a couple of more weeks from now, it is going to be fractions, more lengthy divisions, multiple digit multiplications and splitting up of EVS into Social and Science.

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