Ah those lazy days! Sigh!

Yesterday was one of those days when overcome with all the exhaustion of the last one week, I would have preferred to just stay indoors and do nothing. But waking up after 8 am yesterday, I decided not to let laziness take over me and I told my husband that we should go to some temple in the morning so that we can have the rest of the day free. He gently reminded me that it was already morning and the temples would have opened long back and if I take the usual time I take to get myself and the kids ready, we would reach the temple just as it closes. šŸ˜› So we made plans to have our breakfast outside, quickly got ready and left.

After having our breakfast and visiting Veeramakaliamman temple, we started walking towards Krishnar temple and thatā€™s when the rain started. Thankfully, we were already inside the sheltered MRT exit. So, we changed our mind and simply made our way back home.

You know those rainy days, donā€™t you? Heavy rains, sunlight not bright, chill breeze, fans turned off. Completely confined indoors, I let laziness take over me. At times, dull weather like this combined with my own laziness and tiredness make me feel so cranky. The wet clothes hanging all around the house refusing to dry one bit further added to the dullness. After a good breakfast, the kids too didnā€™t need anything beyond the basic paruppu sadham and curd rice. Thus, I simply let the day pass by. I didnā€™t care if there were toys strewn all around or if there were dishes to be washed. As the rain continued till evening, TV time kept increasing for the kids, with Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly driving me further crazy.

Before I knew it, it was already sleep time for my little one and I was in no mood to carry him and walk around to make him sleep. I kept hoping in vain that he would fall asleep on his own, only to end up making him restless and getting a bad bite from him. That was enough to get me out of my laziness and I quickly carried him and went out for a walk.

Even as he kept driving away his sleep, pointing out all that he was seeing, I continued to walk and walked till the last of my laziness went away and freshness took over me. And since then, I have been waiting to type this here. But tiredness got the better of me and I too fell asleep quite early yesterday.

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