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Sanjay’s Meditative Shivashakti!

Sanjay Subrahmanyan at Bharat Kalachar

Violin: M. Rajeev
Mridangam: Palladam Ravi
Khanjira: Alathur Rajaganesh

Duration: 3 hours

List of Songs:

1. Sariyo (varnam) – Begada – Raga Outline
2. Tulasi daLa – Mayamalava Gowlai – Brief Alapana – Neraval and swarams at sarasiruha punnaga
3. Bhahudhari – Alapana – Unnadiye gati enradaindhen – swarams at unnadiye
4. Kumaraswaminam – Asaveri – Alapana
5. Kallu sakkare – Kalyani – Alapana – swarams at kallu – tani
6. Jaya Jaya Padmanabha – Manirangu
7. Shivashakti RTP – Shri Chakra Raja Nilaye Sivasakti Roopini – Triputa 2 Kalai – Swarams in Ananda Bhairavi, Manorama (a ragam created by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna), Durga, Sivaranjani, Behag, Sururtti
8. Sollavallayo Kiliye – Ragamalika – Surutti, ?, Atana, Shanmukhapriya
9. Karpooram Narumo – Khamas – Raga Outline
10. Mangalam

The best part was, of course, the ragam taanam pallavi in Shivashakti! The entire piece had a meditative touch to it with the violinist too playing really well. The ragamalika swarams, as always, left a lasting impact of the ragams even though only a few minutes of it were performed. The Manorama swarams were absolutely moving!

Other highlights of this concert were the Mayamalava Gowlai neraval and swarams and Asaveri alapana. Bhahudhari alapana, though very nice, wasn’t as engrossing as the earlier Bhahudhari elaborations Sanjay has sung.

Going Gaga over Sanjay’s Brahma Gana Sabha Kutcheri!

If you were to ask me for one venue where you shouldn’t miss Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s concert during the December Season, my instant reply would be ‘Brahma Gana Sabha kutcheri happening at Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium’. Sanjay’s Brahma Gana Sabha kutcheris have always been one of his best kutcheris of the Season with it being filled with several elaborate raaga expositions aided by the lengthy duration of the concert. It has always been for at least 3 hours 15 minutes duration. Yesterday’s went on for 3 hours 30 minutes! And what a memorable musical experience did it turn out to be!

About a decade or so back, I remember how Sanjay’s voice used to have slight problems during the first couple of songs of the concert and then went on to improve as the concert proceeded, finally delivering such a great performance that you would soon have forgotten about those voice issues. Cut back to 2009 or so when Sanjay’s voice didn’t have those voice problems anymore. The results of his hard work and training has since then only reflected in his performances becoming better and better with each day.
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ARR Songs Mash-Up by Guitar Prasanna

And then there are those stunning pieces of music which leave you awestruck, mesmerized, happy and pulls you in completely into it. Now, how would you feel when several of your most favourite songs from your favourite composer are brought together and blissful parts from one song after another comes successively in your favourite instrument, guitar by your favourite guitar player? Watch Guitar Prasanna effortlessly create magic with his guitar bringing together lots of beautiful songs of Rahman:

Mindblowing! What a wide variety of songs has he chosen! This is going to be my music for the day.  

Maruvaarthai Pesaadhe

A lazy afternoon listening to Maruvaarthai Pesaadhe from Enai Noki Paayum Thota on a loop – A perfect relaxing atmosphere. This is one non-ARR song which had me liking it instantly from the very first time I listened to it earlier this year.

There have always been a few Gautham Menon/Harris Jeyaraj/Tamarai songs that I have liked very much. I know this is not a Harris Jeyaraj song (Was all the mystery about who the music director is, needed?), but it has the similar feel of the typical Harris-Gautham-Tamarai combo and like several of those songs, very easy to sing too. Catchy, peppy and intense. The visuals shown also have typical Gautham Menon style written all over.

It has some beautiful flute interludes and nice foot-tapping beats. The flute all through is just amazing and that is the best part of this song.

I don’t know why but the beats of this song keeps reminding me of Manase Manase from Nenjinile.


We went to Sri Srinivasa Perumal today evening at around 5:20 pm. With only a handful of people in the temple at that time, it seemed like the perfect time to pray, relax and meditate. What better company than music in the form of the divine nadaswaram and the tavil to accompany you during those peaceful moments in the temple! As the nadaswaram player started the Dwijavanti alapana, I found myself completely relaxing and lost myself in the prayers and the music. There was only inner peace prevailing. If a raagam like Dwijavanti which oozes out only beauty and happiness not relax you, then what else will!

As the song Akhilandeswari started and proceeded to the ‘dwijAvanti rAganutE, jalli maddaLa jhar jhara vAdya’ part, the inner longing in me to get back to singing returned full-fledged. Didn’t I have a voice which could easily reach those upper octaves when it was at its best and in regular practice? Even if it is not Dwijavanti, I wish I could at least sing the nursery rhymes with my children and relax!

Kaatru Veliyidai

Breathtaking visuals, beautiful colours, mesmerizing music, people with flaws and feelings abound, a leading lady in lovely costumes, a love story on a setting that makes you think beyond your normal lives and thank those brave soldiers who are helping us lead a safe life – that is Kaatru Veliyidai for you.

If you are looking for a story of two perfect and caring people falling in love with each other and leading a happy life together, then this movie is not for you.
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Alaipayuthey – The Colours!

Watching Alaipayuthey fully last Saturday, I seriously couldn’t recollect the last time I watched it fully! It definitely has been a few years! Watching it make me feel 17 years younger, got me away from feeling like an oldie having entered into my 30s. 😉 And yes, it made my hands itch to write something about it here!

I love colours – deep, rich colours, vibrant hues, bold strokes of colours on a canvas and even dull, moody tones. Alaipayuthey is one movie which literally celebrates colours through the song ‘Pacchai Nirame‘ and through almost every single frame. It is not just Pacchai Nirame, each and every scene of which glorifies the many varied hues of colours painted naturally by nature on this wide canvas called earth and sky.


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ARR 50!

Celebrating Rahman’s music as he turns 50 years today! Here are 50 of my favourite songs of A R Rahman: (Random, no particular order)

Foot-tapping Songs:
1. Andha Arabic Kadaloram – Bombay
2. Thee Thee – Thiruda Thiruda
3. Rang De Basanti
4. Mental Manadhil (Female) – OK Kanmani
5. Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se
6. Ooh La La La – Minsara Kanavu
7. Nenjinile/Jiya Jale – Uyire/Dil Se
8. Dil Se Re/ Sandhosha Kanneere
9. Fanaa – Aayitha Ezhuthu
10. Yeh Dilli Hai Mera Yaar – Dilli 6

Most Romantic Songs:
11. Pudhu Vellai Mazhai – Roja
12. Moongil Thottam – Kadal
13. Tu Bin Bataye – Rang De Basanti

Happy Songs:
14. Poo poo pookkum Osai – Minsara Kanavu
15. Barso Re – Guru
16. Pacchai Nirame – Alaipayuthey
17. Thirakkadha Kaattukkulle – En Swaasa Kaatru

Songs I turn to when in deep thought:
18. Latika’s Theme – Slumdog Millionaire
19. Dichotomy of Fame – Rockstar
20. Never Give Up – Million Dollar Arm
21. Aaromale (Female) – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya

Emotional, Beautiful Songs:
22. En Kadhale – Duet
23. Mannippaaya – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya
24. Uyirum Neeye – Pavithra
25. The Banyan Theme – Conveys emotions sans words

Random Favourite Songs
26. Parandhu Sella Vaa – OK Kanmani
27. Hey Goodbye Nanba – Aayitha Ezhuthu
28. Poovukkenna Poottu – Bombay
29. Yaayire – Rangeela
30. Telephone Manipol – Indian
31. Muppathu Nimidam – Parasuram
32. Mellisaye – Mr Romeo
33. Theendai – En Swaasa Kaatre
34. Chinna Chinna Aasai – Roja
35. New York Nagaram – Sillunu Oru Kadhal
36. Kucchi Kucchi Rakkamma – Bombay
37. Ishq Bina – Taal
38. O Rey Chori – Lagaan
39. Yeh Rasta Hai Kah Raha – Swades
40. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera – Swades
41. I am Sorry – One 2 Ka 4
42. O Baawre – Daud
43. Vaaji Vaaji – Sivaji

Songs with beautiful interludes:
44. July Madham Vandhal – Pudhiya Mugam
45. Malargale – Love Birds
46.Kannamoochi – Kandukondain Kandukondain
47. Azhage Sugama – Paarthaale Paravasam

Special Pieces
48.Spirit of Unity concert theme
49.Worldspace theme
50. Thaai Manne Vanakkam – Vande Mataram (I prefer the Tamil)

Happy Birthday, Rahman!

At the end of an exhausting day, here I am wide awake after a night nap! I look at the clock. See it turn 12 midnight here in Singapore and that’s when I remember it is Rahman’s birthday today!

The one Rahman’s song that I have been listening to the last few days is Humma Humma from OK Jaanu. While the memory of me and my sister listening to Andha Arabic Kadaloram as children and enjoying it very much is still vivid in my mind, today seeing my little one who is not even 2 years old sing ‘Ammaa’ mazhalayaa and dance away following the steps taught by his sister brings back those memories afresh to my mind. My kids are loving this foot-tapping remix as well as the original Andha Arabic Kadaloram, my most favourite song from Bombay. I feel happy seeing Rahman’s music appeal so much to the gen-next too.

Rahman, your music has always been an instant energy-booster to me. And it has always been there with me through all the ups and downs of my life. Happy Birthday, Rahman!