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This category has been screaming for my attention for a very long time now and I am back with a post along with a note to myself to keep this category alive by updating it with more posts regularly.

Thalapathy is supposedly the story of the man fondly called by his friend as his Thalapathy. But, is it just the story of that man alone? This is yet another movie in which Mani Ratnam portrays the emotions felt by each and every character so beautifully! As far as Mani Ratnam’s movies are concerned, even if the movie itself does not have a great script (of course, this is not the case with this movie), most of the characters nevertheless, stand out and so do a lot of scenes.
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Costumes in Mani Ratnam’s movies

Simple, Neat and Contemporary – That is how I will describe the costumes in Mani Ratnam’s movies. As far as his movies are concerned, you very rarely come across a costume that doesn’t suit the actors or that you don’t like. The costumes go well not only with the setting of the movie but also with the current trend and that makes you feel as though the characters are one among us. Though there is nothing extraordinary about the costumes in Mani Ratnam’s movies, the natural look and feel that they give to his movies is what makes it appealing and the costumes in his movies have always been an object of interest to me.

Guys, you can skip reading the rest of this post if you want to, since I am going to focus mainly on the costumes of the leading ladies of Mani Ratnam’s movies. 😉
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Mani Ratnam’s movies

This post is actually a reply to Bharath’s comment here! Don’t scold me for posting continuously about Mani Ratnam’s movies. The reply to that comment ran for more than a page! So, I thought of posting it as a post. Read his comment before reading this post.

Agreed that the difference in style from Dil Se to Alaipayuthey is quite obvious. But, there lies the genius of Mani Ratnam. He can take any form of Cinema brilliantly. 😉 As Bharath has said, hasn’t he shown the complexities of relationships in such a simplified manner?
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Birthday Wishes!

Though I felt that it would be inappropriate if I wish Mani Ratnam on his birthday today, at this point of time, when he is mourning the loss of his brother, anyway, here’s wishing Mani Sir a long and healthy life. May no more untoward happenings occur in his life and May all the years to come be the best for him both personally and professionally!

Today is the birthday of another person, Music Maestro Ilaiyaraja. Wishing him a very happy birthday! Hope we get to listen to lots of wonderful compositions from him in the years to come!

Alaipayuthey (The Grand Finale)

The wedding:


If the wedding where Karthik and Shakti met first was so colourful and had a joyous atmosphere, their own wedding is not far behind in these aspects. Right from Madhavan’s blue shirt and Shalini’s maroon saree to the white garlands and the group of friends and Shakti’s sister pulling their legs and the Registrar making his presence felt through out his screen time, everything is picture perfect! Shot at Kapaleeswarar Temple, the wedding of Karthik and Shakti is the most beautifully picturized wedding sequence in Mani Ratnam’s films what with ‘Mangalyam’ scored by Rahman playing in the background. 🙂 After Karthik cleverly manages to dodge Mrs. Prema outside the temple and runs in, the beat of the song starts and you have Karthik taking the garland in his hand. If Mani Ratnam doesn’t utilize the songs appropriately, who else will? 😉
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Alaipayuthey (Part 4)

Here I am celebrating the movie Alaipayuthey and the producer of this movie is now no more! 🙁 I was shocked to read about the sudden demise of G.Srinivasan, Mani Ratnam’s brother cum producer of Alaipayuthey and all the other movies produced under the banner of Madras Talkies. 🙁 May his soul rest in peace.

Moving on to the post, starting with the first meeting of Karthik and Shakti, it couldn’t have been picturized any better what with the joyous atmosphere of a wedding, friends and relatives pulling the leg of the bride and the groom and an excellent song by Rahman in the background! There can’t be anyone who doesn’t enjoy the conversation between Karthik and Shakti. 🙂


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Alaipayuthey (Part 2)

Karthik and Shakti don’t have the courage to face each other with each one consumed by guilt of their own. Though Karthik speaks freely with his house owner and tells him the mistake that he had done by not taking her to meet her dad, he doesn’t say that to Shakti. Had he told her that in the right manner, wouldn’t the strain in their relationship have got eased out?
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