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Alaipayuthey (Part 4)

Here I am celebrating the movie Alaipayuthey and the producer of this movie is now no more! 🙁 I was shocked to read about the sudden demise of G.Srinivasan, Mani Ratnam’s brother cum producer of Alaipayuthey and all the other movies produced under the banner of Madras Talkies. 🙁 May his soul rest in peace.

Moving on to the post, starting with the first meeting of Karthik and Shakti, it couldn’t have been picturized any better what with the joyous atmosphere of a wedding, friends and relatives pulling the leg of the bride and the groom and an excellent song by Rahman in the background! There can’t be anyone who doesn’t enjoy the conversation between Karthik and Shakti. 🙂


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Alaipayuthey (Part 2)

Karthik and Shakti don’t have the courage to face each other with each one consumed by guilt of their own. Though Karthik speaks freely with his house owner and tells him the mistake that he had done by not taking her to meet her dad, he doesn’t say that to Shakti. Had he told her that in the right manner, wouldn’t the strain in their relationship have got eased out?
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Lajjo shelved or not?

Updated on 22nd May:
This is what Mani Ratnam has to say about Lajjo here,”Yes, it’s still at the scripting table. Once it falls into place, it will come onto the cards.”

Here is the earlier news:

Courtesy (copy-pasted from): The A.R.Rahman Fan Club

The curious case of Lajjo
The screenplay was ready but Ratnam was not willing to get it scanned by the usually nitpicking Aamir Khan. Khan wouldn’t go further unless he was shown the screenplay.
He’s a director who won’t brook any interference and he’s an actor who is legendary for his interfering ways in practically every department, be it the script, direction, the works. The Mani Ratnam-Aamir Khan combo sounded lethal when it was announced over a year ago. And now it is learnt that the twain may never meet.
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I am going to start with the climax! I love the climax and the location where it was shot too. Perfect choice! Madhubala runs down the steps and Arvind Samy too runs towards her. The first time he slips and falls, she hurries down the steps. Then, when he rolls down the steps, she lets out a cry and rushes towards him. Now, they are just a few feet away from each other. Unlike other movies where the heroine will run towards the hero immediately to help him, here, she herself becomes so weak with joy on seeing her husband after a long time that she is unable to even stand! Then, when he finally reaches her, they let their eyes and tears do the talking, he then calls her ‘Pattikkaadu’ and they both hug! No unnecessary dialogue between the couple. Their eyes and actions do all the talking! Wow!
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Mouna Raagam & Anjali

In the next few posts, I am planning to write about some of my favourite scenes/songs in Mani Ratnam’s movies. Just thinking about some scenes brings a smile to your face or makes you remember other favourite scenes in the movie. I will start with ‘Anjali’ and then move on to other MR’s films.



This is the first ever movie that I saw in theatre. Even now, I praise my Dad for his fore-sightedness for having taken me to the theatre to watch a Mani Ratnam’s movie knowing that I would become a die-hard fan of his movies in the future. 😉 Since I was a kid at that time, I don’t remember much about what I felt after seeing the movie or whether did I even feel anything. 😉
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The Bucket Song!

Well, it seems that was how the song, Sandai kozhi/Kabhi Neem Neem from Aayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva was referred to by A.R.Rahman! I heard some RJ (if I remember correctly, it was Suchi) telling about it in Radio Mirchi at the time Aayitha Ezhuthu was released. It seems Mani Ratnam had initially wanted a song to picturized on the hero and heroine with the hero singing it to the heroine, tapping a bucket! It’s another thing that the song later got changed to the heroine singing it, but Rahman still called the track as the bucket song.

Coming to the picturization of this song, I like the picturization of Kabhi Neem Neem more than Sandai Kozhi. Abhishek and Rani is one pair that I like very much and is there anyone better than Mani Ratnam who can picturize a romantic song this beautifully! Enjoy watching the song here:

Guru a Hit Film!

It seems ‘Guru’ is the first hit of the year and it has completed 50 days! I very badly wanted to watch Guru in Inox but somehow I couldn’t make it all these days and when I finally decide that I will go this weekend, I see that since yesterday the movie is running only in Woodlands, not in Satyam too. 🙁 Anyway, I am happy that Mani Ratnam’s Hindi film has finally been declared a Hit in Bollywood.