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Miss you, Adi Sale

Stuck in Singapore, one thing that I miss now is the Adi sale. Driving in the chaotic T. Nagar traffic and braving the crowds of Usman Road and coming back with bags loaded with all the new clothes is an experience by itself indeed. The ‘Great Singapore Sale’ which is going on here from May 30th to July 27th is no match to that to a hardcore Chennaiite like me.

Arupatthumoovar at Kapaleeswarar Temple

After seeing the grand Arupatthumoovar at Kapaleeswarar temple, I had to ‘unblock’ the blogger’s block somehow and write this post. This is a very long post! Read it when you find time.

Despite living very near Mylapore for almost 15 years now, I had never been to Arupatthumoovar even once! When I was studying in school, festival time at Kapaleeswarar temple always meant getting a holiday or two and that was all. This year’s Arupatthumoovar was on last Saturday (27th March) &, initially, I wasn’t planning on going for it. My mom having gone for Arupatthumoovar for the first time last year, tempted me to go and, here I am now, all set to relive the grandeur of the fest which left me awe-struck.
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In love with Madras

As I was reading Dandilsa’s post on why she wants to return to India, I realized how much I could relate to what she has written. Of course, I am already here. In fact, except for a few months of staying in another city, I have never been, forget about being away from India, been away from Madras itself. But, every time I am asked why I don’t want to leave Madras and go anywhere else, the reasons I give are quite similar to what she has written. This is the place where I have grown up and at this point of time in my life, there is only one thing that I am very clear about and it is that here is where I want to spend the rest of my life.
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Designer Sarees – The Changing Trend in Chennai

The months of April-June seem to be the months of weddings what with one friend after another getting married! I don’t think I have ever gone for as many weddings as I have during the past couple of months! The one thing that is surely changing or rather has changed in Chennai is the popularity of silk sarees especially among youngsters.

Guys, you are most welcome to skip this post unless you want to read it for educational purposes like this person here. 😛
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