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As most of you might have noticed, ‘Ask Shahnaz’ is a weekly column in Metro Plus in which beautician, Shahnaz Hussain, answers questions on beauty tips. I am not interested in any of those beauty tips or home remedies. Boredom was what prompted me to read the questions and answers in that a long time back. When I next read the column, I found that only a few questions were new. For almost a year now (or more than that?), I have been browsing through the questions in that quite often. I see most of the questions are getting repeated too often. The most common questions are “Skin is oily/dry/dull, there are pimples/pimple marks on face, hair is dry, hair loss, hair has split ends, has dandruff, etc. Please suggest some tips/home remedies.” There are very few questions apart from the ones above. I wonder how long she is going to answer the same set of questions again and again! I have no clue about the answers that she gives since I rarely read them. Anyway considering how long this column has been on and how so many questions are pouring in, seems those are the most common problems people have and there are way too many people obsessed with ‘looking beautiful’. 😛

4 thoughts on “Ask Shahnaz

  1. arvind

    if the questions are same then i wonder if she gives new answers each time .,amy be the coulumn editor just copies the answers of the already asked questions..


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