11 thoughts on “ZambeZi funK – In My Father’s Words – BlaaZe & SagaR

  1. Aparna

    correct the spelling of ur blog’s URL the next time you comment. You have been typing it as kadalamittia.blogspot.com during the last 2 or 3 comments

  2. Aparna

    I tried uploading this video but it said I cant embed this video here and it has to be watched only in Youtube or something!
    Btw, I saw the video(in Youtube) of ARR & Blaaze performing ‘Pray for me brother’ on the new Year Eve in Bombay

  3. Naveen

    Hey I know this is amazing, I tried buying this CD or DVD, but ppl gave me some weired looks for “ZambeZi funK”

    At last found a link to view in youtube at least.

    Goto get whole album, someone please help me in finding one.



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