Uyirum Neeye

Listening to Ravi sing this song in Super Singer today, I immediately wanted to listen to it and that’s what I am doing now. This song is one of my most favourites! Unni Krishnan singing the very beautiful lyrics, set to an even more beautiful music by the inimitable Rahman, with such an amazing feel makes it a song which seldom fails to touch my soul every time I listen to it! This is a gem of a composition indeed!

7 thoughts on “Uyirum Neeye

  1. Siva

    Yeah.. fantastic song and Ravi was awesome in that song.. but the Airtel super singer seems to be a never ending program…also I just cannot stand that lady Ragini or whatever… She must be related to the producers of Airtel super singer or the judges or some one in vijay TV.. she is unfit to be in the top 10 also… it is unfortunate that super singer found a way to get her back into the show.. The guy Santosh was smart in telling he did not get college permission to continue (may be true as well).. I am sure he was unhappy that they brought back lot of eliminated contestants…

    sorry for the tangential comment on the topic but I couldn’t resist writing since that lady was the first one to be sent to the next round this week…!!!!!!!!!

  2. sangs

    same pinch :-)But to date i don’t know which movie it is from. and didn’t know till i read this post thats its arr’s composition .i just loved listening to it ,though.

  3. Srinath

    wonderful song 🙂 what a beautiful composition that is! wow! i don’t watch super singer, didnt really get any interest to watch it. the only ep i watched was the rahman spl , and i remeber only the guy who sang vellai pookal. he was great 🙂

  4. Sreekrishnan

    i kind of commented about this song on your post where we talked about uncovering some unheard a r r songs. Its a fantastic song falling in the en mel vizhundha style – where the song is slow, not much of instruments and depends heavily on a signle piece of instrument, vocals and lyrics.

    Sangs: the movie is pavithra !

  5. Aparna

    Bashing Airtel Super Singer seems to be everybody’s current favourite topic 🙂

    Now you know 🙂

    There are a few very good singers in it and that’s why I still watch it. It was Ajeesh who sang veLLai pookkaL

    Yup! A whole lot of ARR’s songs in this style come to my mind now 🙂

    Movie has already been specified by Sreekrishnan

  6. nive

    ajeesh’s song uyirum neeyae is a drastic hittttttttttttt
    iam a greatestttttttttttttttttttt fan of ajeesh…………………………………..
    girls only like ajeesh and bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaa is not so………………………………
    every music lover likes ajeesh………………………………………….


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