Todi again!

TMK’s program is being broadcast on radio now and guess what he is singing?? Todi!! I am so happy that I am not listening!

5 thoughts on “Todi again!

  1. Krishnaveni - From London

    Music is personal, so are raagams as are the Indian Deities. For me, i don’t enjoy Mohanam at all. It screeches in my brain, and sends me into ‘get me out of here’ state of mind. It is like a teacher having a bad day. One of my favourite is Reetigowlai and yet a friend of mine cannot stand the combination of notes. Oh hello!! Reetigowlai is a divine raagam.

    Must go… at work and apparently not working… (:-)

  2. Aparna

    Of course it is a beautiful raagam

    Welcome to my blog! That’s true. In my case, it’s not a case of not enjoying. It’s just that I get to hear TMK sing Todi so often that I want to listen to some other raaga. In fact, the moment I get past my initial grumbling, I started enjoying it.

    Btw, I can’t believe that somebody can’t stand stand Reetigowlai!!

    Welcome to my blog!

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