T.M.Krishna’s Concert

T.K.V.Ramanujacharyulu – Violin
Karaikkudi Mani – Mridangam
B.S.Purushottaman – Khanjira

Where & When? – Narada Gana Sabha (Kartik Fine Arts) on 2nd December

Concert Duration: A few minutes less than 2 hrs

List of Songs:
1. Enduku Niradaya – Harikambhoji – Neraval & Swarams at dharalO neevai
2. Vinata Suta – Jayantasena – Swarams at Vinata Suta
3. Paripurna Kaama – Purvi Kalyani – Alapana; Swarams at Saketadipa
4. Velaiyya Dayavillaiya – Saveri
5. Nadachi Nadachi – Kharaharapriya – Alapana; Neraval & Swarams at puDamisuta sahAyuDai; Tani Avartanam
6. Idhudhaano Tillai Stalam – Behag – Raaga Sketch
7. Tillana – Khamas
8. Madhyamavati – Raaga Outline

Though I heard completely contrasting views with mine right after the concert, my opinion about this concert hasn’t changed. I really liked this concert. The Harikambhoji, Jayantasena swarams and Purvi Kalyani were all too good. I wished there had been a neraval for Paripurna Kama. But it was more than compensated by the Kharaharapriya, every moment of which was awesome. I was so happy to hear TMK’s Kharaharapriya after a long time. The Tani Avartanam was good too. After a soft and pleasing Behag piece, Idhudhaano Tillai, the Khamas tillana was a bit too loud!

5 thoughts on “T.M.Krishna’s Concert

  1. Prasanna

    Sathej,Haven’t you figured that ALL concerts of SS & TMK get rated the least as “good” :))

    Hey Aparna,not sure if you mentioned in your memoirs…… why you’ve the fixation on SS & TMK? Is it the best first- impression thing that you didn’t find others’ singing not as fascinating??


  2. Aparna

    Oh I see

    Of course, they get that rating. 😛 After all, it’s only because I find almost all their concerts to be at least good that I keep going for more and more concerts of theirs.

    You can always check my memoirs to get the answers for your questions. 😛

    Btw, did you come for this concert? If yes, then how did you like the concert?

  3. Prasanna

    No,Aparna.Unfortunately,am unable to come down for the season this year.Can you please try & update your blog on the lec-dems you attend too,if possible?Would certainly be of great help.



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