Time flies!

Or so it feels like when I see the date of my last post here. So what’s been keeping me away from blogging?

Wanting to try some author I haven’t read before, I borrowed a couple of books of Sudha Murty from the library on the Monday before last. I first started reading ‘The Old Man and His God’ and liked it so much that I finished reading it at a stretch on the same evening. Finding ‘The Wise and Otherwise’ too equally engrossing as the previous book, the next day had me reading it at every possible free moment I could get. I can’t remember the last time I found a book as inspiring as these two! Reading those books made me do some serious thinking about a lot of things.

If it was books on the first two days, it was meeting cousins and doing some shopping that kept me fully busy on the next day, which was the day of the election (Oh yeah I voted too). Went to Citi Center only to find that all the shops except Inox were closed! Why did they have to close the shops for election? So we went to Fabindia that’s opposite to Citi center. Somehow spending the day with cousins and just whiling away the time on a very hot summer day made it so reminiscent of the days of the summer holidays.

When I finally had no things to keep me away from blogging and I was halfway through replying to comments, Murphy’s Law came into play. Imagine getting calls on your landline for some other telephone number and imagine seeing outgoing calls from your landline no. having that other telephone no.! This is what suddenly happened to our phone last Saturday and it wasn’t until Tuesday that it finally got resolved! Had to be without internet at home for more than 3 days 🙁 I spent the last weekend watching Santhosh Subramaniam and Yavarum Nalam and going for a lecture of Chithra Madhavan among other things.

By the time net came back, I was back to reading a book! This time it was Erich Segal’s ‘Only Love’. God knows how many times I have read this book! The fact that the lead characters are all music lovers is one of the main reasons why I keep reading this book again and again. I haven’t listened to any of those Western music pieces written about in this book. I am sure someday I will listen to those. Yet the passion with which music has been described in it conveys what great pieces of music those must be and you can almost sense how the characters feel when they are listening to those. One of my favourite lines in this book is Matthew describing his feeling when he plays the piano after quite sometime – “And gradually I ceased to be a player and became myself a listener – to someone else playing. “ Wow! What a great joy it is when you know you are really performing well and get totally involved and lost in what you are doing! What made me read this book yet again last week was this interesting, old article on Washington Post. Reading about the pieces described in it reminded me of the music pieces described in ‘Only Love’.

Talking about piano, I have to tell you that Stephen Devassy rocks! I watched Super Singer last week just for listening to his piano. I am, right now, listening to that part when Srinivas sang with Stephen’s piano on a episode in December which I had missed watching at that time due to December Season.

Coming back to the things that kept me occupied all these days, finally, it was a busy days at work last week and for a change, I wasn’t complaining when I had to stay back late on a Friday. The two weeks of spending all my free time doing things I enjoy(ed) continued yesterday too with me watching Taare Zameen Par. I finally watched the movie and I loved it! Believe it or not, I had not watched it earlier. I am sure this will be a movie that I will watch again and again and again! I felt like taking out all those water colours and crayons from my cupboard and try my hand at painting after watching the movie. 😛 Who knows, someday I might do just that. 😉

Most of the times, I am not able to access either my mail or twitter from my mobile for the past few weeks and I was almost totally cut off from mails and blogs.

Amidst all these, needless to say, I did spend lots of time listening to music. It has been a mixture of Sanjay, Rahman and Guitar Prasanna the whole of last week.

This post has turned out to be lengthier than I thought. So it’s time to end it. Let’s hope I find time for another of my favourite activity, read blogging, too amidst all the other things that are keeping me busy. Cya soon! Goodnight folks!

5 thoughts on “Time flies!

  1. Teal

    Stephen of Airtel Super Singer is awesome , no doubt. Looks like you’ve been rather busy all these days 🙂
    PS: Did you cry during the song ‘Maa’ while watching TZP?
    If you say ‘No’, well, I wont believe you 😛

  2. Benly

    I read wise and otherwise while I was in college. Liked it then. For a moment I thought you read Old man and the sea. Read it if you haven’t yet. Awesome book. Hemingway at his best.

    So you watched TZP finally :D. Am glad u did :P. And thanks for that ‘super singer’ link.

  3. Aparna

    My answer is No! 🙂

    Will try to read it sometime. I knew you would be glad that I watched 😉

    That song seems to be nice! But I can’t tolerate Simbhu!

    Oh. I haven’t read those.


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