The usual random stuff

  • Heard that Yaavarum Nalam is really good. I want to watch it. It isn’t often that Madhavan’s movies turn out to be good! The picturization, cinematography and the music too seemed to be nice for two songs a few seconds of which I saw. Have to see how the full song is.

  • No good concerts are happening at all 🙁 Having missed the last two concerts of Sanjay, it has been almost 2 months since I last went for a Sanjay’s concert 🙁 There is only one concert of TMK this month which is on 21st and there is none next month! I wouldn’t mind even if Todi turns out to be the main in the concert this month. 😉 I so very badly want to go for a Sanjay’s or TMK’s concert!!
  • I started reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Unaccustomed Earth’ a couple of days back but didn’t proceed beyond the first page!
  • There are moments when I get bored big time. I don’t want a repeat of last year. I really don’t!
  • March is the month when a sale is on at every other boutique/shop. I am finding it difficult to resist the temptation to go on a shopping spree. 😛
  • ARR’s songs are what I have been listening to most of the time for the past two months. Don’t have any specific current favourite since there are a whole lot of songs that I am listening to.
  • Am happy seeing on the sidebar the number of posts that I have written this month.
  • Seeing the number of unread posts on my Google Reader increasing with every passing day for the past 2 months or so, there were times when I wished I could get back to the feed reader-free days. I wasn’t constantly reminded of the number of posts waiting to be read back then and still I did manage to read all the posts. One might say you can always mark everything as read but that is something that I do only rarely. Anyway, I finally brought the unread posts count to 0 a few days back. But now that it is getting maintained at 0 constantly, I suddenly seem to have nothing to do during my browsing time. Not many friends are online too these days 🙁
  • Was seeing the list of final nominees for NDTV’s 7 wonders of India. Though I haven’t been to even one of those 🙁 , thanks to blogs (I love reading travelogues) and movies, I have ‘virtually visited’ a few of those places. 😛 I am sure Hampi will be there in the final list. Given a chance, Hampi is the first place that I would want to visit among those in that list. I have been waiting to visit that place ever since I saw it in Theendai song way back in 2000!
  • Super Singer 2008/2009 seems to be going on and on! I hope Ravi or Ajeesh becomes the super singer.

5 thoughts on “The usual random stuff

  1. Srinath

    yaavarum.. songs are sort of good. i listened to them only once, have to listen again 🙂

    and too many posts 😛 1 per day this month, wow!

    take care 🙂

    PS: though i lke carnatic songs, i am not too much into that. maybe i should start listening to more songs.

  2. sreekrishnan

    Yaavarum nalam is good – bit slow, couple of logic misses – which you shouldnt care …. the movie is a very very decent thriller !

    Why isnt Srirangam not in the 7 wonders list .. i think that gopuram is awesome ! and for heaven sakes include Kumarakom or Munnar or something from Kerala … that deserves to get everything in the top 7. My Brit friend says – Kerala could be the example of how nice India can be !

    eecham pazham from pavithra is my current fav ! … listen to that song and imagine that man winning an oscar – lovely !

  3. R Sathyamurthy

    //Super Singer 2008/2009 seems to be going on and on! I hope Ravi or Ajeesh becomes the super singer//

    I have actually renamed it as “Rubber Singer 2008”. They eliminate someone and prune the list to 6 or something and then have a “reca” (thats how Malini pronounces it) round to call back someone eliminated in 1906 to sing again and make the super 6 to super 10 and then again eliminate someone and it goes on like that.

    I personally feel two of the three judges have a favoritism towards Ajeesh while I consider Prasanna is a fantastic singer in the mold of Shankar Mahadevan (french beard included) 🙂

  4. Aparna

    🙂 I have still not listened to the songs. Do give Carnatic a try. Who knows you may end up really liking it!

    I am still counting the no. of :Ps in your comment 😛

    Oh I am planning to watch it sometime next week

    Even Gangaikondachozhapuram & Thanjavur gopurams are so beautiful! There are way too many temples that have brilliant architecture!

    I don’t remember that song at all 🙁 Will listen soon

    Yes. They don’t seem to want to end the show at all!!


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