The Sahana of My Life!

December, my favourite month – the month of music, has now gone on to become THE most special month, for it was on December 23rd that a baby girl was born to me.

As I was told that it’s a baby girl, the first thought that came to my mind was that she should be named Sahana.

Sahana – the raagam that has always been synonymous with bliss, happiness and joy unlimited, the raagam that has given me innumerable moments of ecstasy, the raagam that has made express the joy it induces, through a smile on my face irrespective of the mood I am in.

December being the month that is synonymous with music, melody, rhythm, raagam, swaram, sabha-hopping and indescribable blissfulness of music, besides the fact that till the previous day, I was busy going for the Season kutcheris, it only seemed natural that the name Sahana came to my mind, for I know that she is going to be the Sahana of my life!

16 thoughts on “The Sahana of My Life!

  1. harish

    Once again the intoxicating Shaana, congrats, i dont know whether you remember, you were the one who introduced me to ragam, i named my friends daughter the same name

    Your daugther would as beautiful as the Ragam

  2. bhuvana

    Hi aparna,

    i am bhuvaneswari. congrats on ur baby’s arrival. i have a daughter born on aug 2011. i have named her sahana too, cos it is my favorite ragam as well. i was just browsing around to find out more songs on the ragam, which i have been thinking of for sometime. i am interested in music as well. i i found ur blog and was surprised how much it made me realise the song from rayil sneham is still fresh in my mind after so many years. Nice to find someone who had the same rason to name her baby.



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