Thank you, Rahman!

Dear Rahman,

As you complete 20 years of composing music for films, I would like to thank you yet again for continuing to giving us such blissful and soul-stirring music that only you can. 20 years is no short time period and to me, from the carefree days of childhood to the big moment of embracing motherhood, it has always been your music which has been an important part of my life, a great companion all through.

Among innumerable happy memories associated with your music, THE most special moment happened last year. As I saw my just-born teeny-weeny baby lying next to me and sombal muruchufying the very first time, it was these beautiful lines made all the more beautiful by your music and voice that echoed through my mind:

malare sombal muritthu ezhugave
kuzhandai vizhikaTTume thaayin kadha kadhappil
ulagam vidiyaTTume piLLayin siru mudhal sirippil

Thank you for making the special moments of my life even more special and aiding me in tough times through your music.

As I often say, I am fortunate that I am able to experience your music. Here’s to more and more special songs from you! Proud to be your fan! Thank you, Rahman!

One thought on “Thank you, Rahman!

  1. Radhika

    This post was written on my birthday and I’m really grinning around to see that it’s about my favourite composer too. But tell you what? I think the man sort of insulted his works like Roja and Bombay when he received the academy award for Slumdog. Anyway…

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