Swades – My fav scenes

Swades is one of my favourite movies in the recent times. I will write a post on the movie, the music and the lyrics later. For now, here are a couple of my favourite deleted scenes from the movie that were later released in the DVD:



How I wish these scenes were not deleted! In the first scene, I love the way Sharukh pretends to be asleep every time Gayatri turns towards him while she is watering the plants. I love the BGM of this scene.

In the second scene, you should see Sharukh asking Kaveri Amma ‘kya?..’ when she says ‘Geeta ne mujhe bataya aaj school mein kya hua’. In the uncut scene when Gayatri hits him with the duster, Sharukh says ‘Maine to sab jawab sahi diya’ 🙂 Lovely scenes!

2 thoughts on “Swades – My fav scenes

  1. sreekrishnan

    yeah one of the fantastic movies ever made … i loved Sharukh’s acting only in this movie and a r rahman was top notch ….

    quick pointer: Check out the the BGM when they actually discuss as to who will marry Geeta …. you should be able to connect that with a song that came later in Bollywood …

    and this is the only hindi movie that choked my throat …. i almost had tears in my eyes and was abt to clap for the acting then !!

    Situation: The trains stops at Ajithe and there is a small boy who sells water “pacchis paisey keliye ek glass pani” …. and every single frame after that blows you off !!

    cant stop talking !!

  2. Aparna

    Yeah! Even I have lots to say about this movie! I would say it is the best Hindi movie made in the recent times 🙂 I don’t remember the BGM now. Will check it out later.
    That scene in the station sure does bring tears to your eyes! Nowadays, whenever I see some kid like that, I remember this scene only!


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