sudu thaNNi suDu thaNNi aahaa!

This line in the very-frequently-aired advertisement of ‘Alive’ coffee seems to be the most-heard line on every other channel! Couldn’t help remembering it as I drank a cup of piping-hot water which felt heavenly for my throat, which is on the verge of being struck by cold. Inhaling the steam and later drinking the hot water is one of those unsuccessful attempts at trying to ward-off the cold & fever. But nothing works like Vicks and a good night’s sleep. Falling asleep with the aroma of Vicks engulfing you is pure bliss! Good Night, folks!

P.S.: The last few weeks have been a mix of hectic, fun-filled, memorable & great days. I am really trying hard to get back to regular blogging. Let’s see if it happens at least this month.

10 thoughts on “sudu thaNNi suDu thaNNi aahaa!

  1. shadow

    u wont give any chance (in messanger) to chat with u …..any way…how u r feeling today???
    sudu thaNNi suDu thaNNi aahaaaaa…(can u sing?)

  2. Ankit Jain

    We would like to contribute on your posting. And in return we just need a couple of back links. And we would definitely pay you for the same. We will also provide you the contents. Awaiting your reply.

  3. Aparna

    😛 There might be posts on temples during the next few days. Don’t know if those interest you.

    Apparently the fruits that have Vit C are said to cause cold.


    Ankit Jain,
    Am not interested.

  4. Neelesh

    Hmm..Isnt cold caused by a virus ? I can swear by the effects of a 1000mg pill of Vit -C every night. Cold free for over a year while co-workers take turns falling sick 🙂


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