Songs to cherish

  • Mandolin Srinivas’ Enta Muddo
  • Mandolin Srinivas’ Giriraja Suta
  • Roja Janeman sung by Hariharan
  • Kanava Illai Kaatra from Ratchagan
  • New York Nagaram
  • July Maadham Vandhaal
  • Rahman’s ‘Spirit of Unity Concert’ Music
  • Guitar Prasanna’s ‘Peaceful – The Effect’

These songs will forever remain some of the most cherished ones in my life. The memories that these songs hold are special to me! 🙂 It’s amazing how songs can capture so many memories so vividly!

13 thoughts on “Songs to cherish

  1. RK

    of the lot, entha muddo is my pick for the best. it is almost like shrinivas gave a new dimension to this song……..have you seen his rendition of this bindumalini when he was still a boy?


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