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These days, with three Tamil music channels, I get to see my favourite songs often on TV. Day before yesterday was one such day. I wanted to write this post on that day itself. Anyway, better late than never!

The whole of day before yesterday, the one song that I was continuously listening to was ‘nee oru kadhal sangeetham’ – my favourite song from Nayagan. I don’t know why but the scene in the video of this song that I like the most is the one where Kamal and Sharanya will be sitting inside their house and all of a sudden, raindrops start leaking (or should I say pouring?) through the roof and they move to a corner and a group of pigeons comes inside through the door. The music in the background when this scene comes, is one of the best interludes. While listening to the song, I got reminded of this scene and I very badly wanted to watch it. I had decided that I will watch the song on youtube soon. But the moment I switched on the TV on reaching home, guess what song had just started playing on Jaya Max? nee oru kadhal sangeetham! A pleasant surprise it was! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even as I was lost in admiring Ilayaraja’s beautiful composition and Mani Ratnam’s picturization of the song, as though in sync with what was on my mind, the next song that followed was manRam vandha – my favourite song from Mouna Raagam! In this song, my favourite scene is when Revathy sits on the bed with her head bent down & her reflection is shown on the mirror and later, she raises her eyes slowly looks at herself on the mirror – eyes expressing a thousand thoughts running through her mind at that point of time (that’s what I have always felt though I might be wrong).

It’s better if I don’t write about the next song – it was a song featuring Bharatiraja! ๐Ÿ˜

I changed the channel & came back to this channel after a few minutes to find the song, kaNNukku mai azhagu (female version) playing. Seeing Vineet, for some strange reason, I ended up making a comparison between Vineet in May Madham and Vinnet in Pudhiya Mugam and felt that Vineet and Sonali Kulkarni made a better pair than Vineet and Kasthuri.

As though to make me see the better pair immediately, the next song was Minnale from May Madham! SPB’s voice brings out all the emotion needed for the song! What a soft melodious song!

After this, it was back to Mani Ratnam – Kadhal Rojave! Again SPB! I love this song’s picturization – A lone roja, Arvind Samy’s face expressing his longing to meet his wife, the greenery, a handsome Arvind Samy clad in Sherwani ๐Ÿ˜‰ , Madhubala’s violet-coloured costume contrasting the background colours (I was so happy that I wasn’t watching the song on Sun Music – the colour of the frames keeps changing throughout and we get to see the violet-coloured costume in every other colour ๐Ÿ˜ ), Santhosh Sivan’s cinematography!

The final song was nenje nenje from Ratchagan – again a lovely song!

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