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If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? – the first thing that came to my mind on reading that question in the tag were the scenes from Jab We Met, a movie that I like so much that I try to watch it every time it comes on TV. Expressing one’s anger and letting out one’s feelings on betrayal by their lover – The way Kareena makes Shahid tear his ex-girlfriend’s photo and flush it out and the way Shahid later makes Kareena call her ex-boyfriend and scold him with all the bad words! Superb scenes! Those scenes are my favourites. Remembering those scenes was what made me change my answer from ‘Anger, tears, sorrow (in that order) and eventually moving on with life’ to what it is now, since expressing my anger is what I would want to do first. Do you like those scenes too?

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  1. vidhya

    I love these scenes too 😀 I have already mentioned in ur blog that i have seen the jab we met movie more than 5 times 😛 Each and every scene of this movie was good 🙂 No work in office today?? 😉

  2. PrasadC

    Interesting you see this issue in a black and white prism. I believe its more of a grey area.
    This is probably a bit off-topic but I will post anyway. Betrayal of love is a complex issue but given the socially conservative nature of tamil society in general and brahmanic culture in particular, I believe that women/men in our society are less likely to “stray” especially after matrimony.

    I came across an interesting contrast with respect to western culture where a conservative 50’s mother in america faces the same conundrum as her puritanical self unravels in the face of “re-awakening” of her feminine self.

    The abstract of the article from new-yorker

    I was not able to find the full article but an audio book can be found here
    (Warning : 20 mins so u need a lot of patience)

    I find lots of parallels between the mother’s story and many individuals in our society.

    I however don’t like betrayal scenes. I like scenes that involve emotions like understanding, sacrifice and some cleverness. (Kanda naal mudhal comes to my mind)

  3. vishnu

    This particular scene was one of the reasons for the movie to be a blockbuster ..
    I had a simillar reactions to such situations but i always like to control my emotions and i make sure that no ones gets any clue of my state of mind despite my minds thinks of a revenge.. but this movie really made me to rethink about my reaction 😛

    Eventhough i haven’t been in love i sometimes empathize with people who go through those pain and i feel a reaction like these would definitely help a lot to regain the confidence when someone dumps you .. though it wont be an original idea of the director though i appreciate him to bring it to limelight which would have helped lotsa people in distress.

    there are quiet a lotsa scenes of this type but this one thing which still stays in my mind
    may be cause of the background track or the kareena-shahid spat previously.. 🙂

  4. Aparna

    Same pinch 😉 I remember your comment. 🙂 This movie has become my favourite too now.

    I don’t think that audio/article would interest me. So am not willing to test my patience. 😉

    Neither do I like betrayal scenes. That wasn’t a betrayal scene but a scene where they try to pull themselves out from their current sorrowful state. And that’s why I like those. One doesn’t deserve to be sad when the person who betrayed you is happily enjoying himself/herself somewhere.

    >a reaction like these would definitely help a lot to regain the confidence when someone dumps you
    I think so too

  5. Prithivi

    Yeah i love those scenes TOOO — especially because doing those things in real life also help.
    When I my ex cheated on me and betrayed me — i did same exact things — tore his picture and threw out all things that he had given me and also called him and abused him in the worst kinda words my English vocabulary was able to muster up — not because he didn’t understand Tamil but because i don’t know enough Tamil words that would have described my state of mind — and it was very therapeutic — I was over the sorrowful state and him in no time !!!!!! 🙂

  6. naane

    Yeah I liked your answer…thats what one one should do. Of course we need to express our anger!. Especially women in our society should do that more. When I heard some stories, I couldn’t believe women (even well educated Phds and doctors) are still being abused in marriage relationship.

    Anyway, back to your blog,
    “the way Kareena makes Shahid tear his ex-girlfriend’s photo and flush it out and the way Shahid later makes Kareena call her ex-boyfriend and scold him with all the bad words!”

    The key word here is “makes”… I did not see the movie. So I don’t know what does “the way” means. Based on other movies I have seen I am assuming they have used force of words, guilt,emotions,threat etc as “the way”. (if this is not the case then you can ignore my comment below:)

    Ok What I don’t understand is how can “making” the other person to do such thing would mend their own relationship?. If the other person is doing those things not of love but for other motive/reason, then what is point? If Shahid is still keeping his ex’s memory, then he is not fully in love with Kareena… can she rewire his neurons too? Can you force someone to love you? If love is not the end result, then the whole scene portray some kind of revenge (if not sadistic) than mending relationship. Its a lose-lose situation.

    Again, I didn’t see the movie… I am just imagining the scene where Kareena calls her ex-boyfriend. This poor guy gets a call at midnight and the person on the otherside (his ex-gf) simply scolds him with all kinds of bad words and puts the phone down… Yeah! we know she did that to prove her loyalty to her present bf. Come on! this is hilarious. It will work as a good comedy scence 🙂

  7. Nitin

    Hye, i somehow stumbled upon your site . Thouroughly enjoyed it . This is a very cute post. 3 Cheers for your good blog…. My best wishes…. lol, for a moment, i started imagining a voice reading out everything written , just like in old indian films, mainly in tamil. [ a rough female voice, guessing you are a female for sure, from your name] Anyways, what i wanted to say was, it was so nice …. 🙂

  8. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog! Didn’t know it would really be that therapeutic! 🙂

    You really should have watched this scene and then commented! You have got it all wrong. Do watch the movie and comment again.

    Welcome to my blog! Thank you.


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