Sanjay’s Krishna Gana Sabha Concert

On 25th December, 2010 at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

S.Varadarajan – Violin
Patri Satish Kumar – Mridangam
Bangalore Rajasekar – Morsing

Concert Duration: 2.5 hrs

List of Songs:
1. varNam – hamsadhwani – Adi
2. karikaLAbha mukham – sAvEri – rAgA outline
3. sarasa sAmadana – kApinArAyaNi – Adi – AlApana; neraval and swarams at hitamu mATalentO
4. ennEramum (with extra caraNams pancAkSara, sIla maruvum) – dEvagAndhAri – brief AlApana
5. kaligiyuNTE – kIravANi – Adi – AlApana; swarams at bAguga
tani Avartanam
6. telisi rAma – pUrNacandrikA – swarams at rAma ani
7. RTP – hamsadhwani
pallavi: bagavan mudaRRe ulagu Adi – Adi
8. karpUram – khamAs – khanDa cApu
9. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

Sanjay’s concerts at Krishna Gana Sabha have always been special, be it during the Season or during Krishna Jayanthi concert series. With Varadarajan, Patri and Bangalore Rajasekar accompanying Sanjay, should I even say what a great concert it turned out to be!

karikaLAbha mukham is such a nice song and Sanjay’s unhurried rendition of it was good. I loved the entire kApinArAyaNi. sarasa sAmadana was not sung in the very fast tempo in which it is usually sung and that made the neraval in that tempo also really beautiful. The kalpanA swarams were brilliant and very, very enjoyable! There was this series of swarams that ended with RMRP RD RND that was fantastic!

Morsing accompanied Sanjay’s singing and mridangam the violin for a few rounds during kalpanA swarams.

Just like how the Vani Mahal concert started with varNam in tODi and the RTP was also in the same rAgam, it was hamsadhwani in this concert. It isn’t everyday that you get an elaborate hamsadhwani and every moment of the RTP was superb!

3 thoughts on “Sanjay’s Krishna Gana Sabha Concert

  1. Dandilsa

    Ah, I was there last year! Living vicariously through your season posts. Looks like you had a good one! BTW do you where I can buy Arar Asaipadar? I tried unsuccessfully at Giri and few pother places last year.

  2. Ramya

    Hi Aparna, I am a first time visitor to your blog. Excellent write ups!

    Sanjay is the only artist I have come across singing Karpuram Narumo among his contmporaries. Very mesmerising.


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