Sanjay’s Concert

After missing concert after concert of T M Krishna and Sanjay Subrahmanyan for one whole month 🙁 , I finally went to Sanjay’s concert last Friday. The very thought of listening to Sanjay live after a long time had me excited the whole day and as expected, the excitement doubled up once the concert began. 🙂 With M.A.Sundaresan accompanying Sanjay on the violin, do I even have to say how the concert turned out to be? 🙂

Starting off with karuNai kadale in Kalyani, Sanjay then sang nannu kanna talli in Sindhukannada. A nice Reetigowlai Alapana followed next. Right after he started the song Paripalayamaam in Reetigowlai, I left the concert since I had some work and came back when he had started singing an alapana of Danyasi. After a couple of songs (Japa kusuma in Danyasi and Koniyadedu in Kokiladhwani) came the main piece of the concert – Maragatavalleem in Kambhoji. I got to listen to yet another wonderful Kambhoji by Sanjay! The icing on the cake was the Raagam Taanam Pallavi in Priyadarshini raagam that he sang right after the Kambhoji! I happened to know the existence of a raagam called Priyadarshini only on that day and it was amazing! It was only after this RTP that I came to know that the song that I had missed during the time I was not at the concert was Kamalamba navavarnam in Sahana replete with alapana, neraval and swarams! I missed Sanjay’s Sahana!!!! 🙁 All happiness at listening to a wonderful Priyadarshini gone! 🙁

After listening to aarukkum adangadha in Begada that he sang next, I got reminded of some of the wonderful Begada alapanas of Sanjay that I had listened to a few years back. I wish I get to hear him sing Begada as the main piece soon. The last song of the concert was a very beautiful Tillana in Ananda Bhairavi, yet another favourite raga of mine.

After attending such an excellent concert I was left confused as to which concert should I go to on Monday, Sanjay’s or TMK’s? Why did both of them have to sing on the same day at the same time? 🙁 Want to know whose concert did I finally go to on Monday? Wait for the next post 😉

6 thoughts on “Sanjay’s Concert

  1. arvind

    glad that you enjoyed it…music (especially carnatic music ) dont amuse me much .so cant comment more 😛
    its been long since i visited ur page..
    hope u are doing good..:)

  2. Sunder

    Nice update on the concert!

    Heyyy, here’s wishing you gals/guys a very happy Vijaya Dashami

    Out here i can only feel happy by reading how we, back in India have enjoyed the festival….atleast till tihe time being …before i find a group with similar interests here :)!!

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