Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

Sanjay Subrahmanyan – Vocal
S.Varadarajan – Violin
Neyveli B.Venkatesh – Mridangam
Bangalore Rajasekar – Morsing

Where & When? – Krishna Gana Sabha on 25th December

Concert Duration: 2.5 hrs

Songs List:
1. Varnam – Begada – Ata Taalam
2. Sri Kanchinayake – Asaveri
3. Rama ninne – Saaranga – Alapana
4. Jaya Jaya Padmanabha – Manirangu – Alapana, Swarams at Jaya Jaya
5. Meru Samana – Mayamalavagowlai – Alapana, Neraval & Swarams at galamuna shobhillu kanaka bhooshanamula (Main piece)
6. RTP – Gowrimanohari
Pallavi – darishanam kidaikumo natarajan dayanidhe un – Swarams in Sahana, Bowli, Nattakurunji
7. Vazhi maraitthirukkudhu – Nattakurunji
8. Naadi thedi – Bhagesri
9. Mangalam – Sowrashtram

I generally avoid going for concerts at T.Nagar. The very thought of the traffic there usually stops me from going for concerts there. But after that Bhageshri, I was not able to resist going to Sanjay’s concert at all! Besides the fact that Varadrajan was playing for Sanjay was too tempting to resist.

I liked the selection of raagas for this concert. Begada varnam and the Asaveri kriti, both of which am hearing for the first time, were too good. I loved the Saranga and Manirangu alapanas. Jaya Jaya Padmanabha in Manirangu was so beautiful and the swarams in the end were awesome.

I have no words to describe the Mayamalavagowlai alapana! I felt it had a soothing effect. I guess this was probably the first time I enjoyed Mayamalavagowlai so much. The Tani Avartanam was made all the more enjoyable by the Morsing.

After the Mayamalavagowlai came the part that I was waiting for – Raagam Taanam Pallavi and what an RTP it was!!! After the swarams in Sahana and Bowli when he started the Nattakurunji with the swarams M G S, the first thing that came to my mind was Sanjay’s excellent rendition of Vazhi Maraitthirukkudhu in a concert earlier this year and little did I expect him to sing it right after the swarams in Nattakurunji!! It was a moving rendition to say the least. Varadarajan was as usual, excellent on the violin throughout the concert.

As I had replied to a comment earlier, just when I was wondering that the previous day’s Bhageshri has finally left me after the wonderful Vazhi maraitthirukkudhu, the Bhageshri song that followed brought back the Bhageshri again and it was only Bhageshri again that continued to haunt me!

4 thoughts on “Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

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  2. Prasanna


    Was there for this one too…not disputing that the concert was good. However,thought that his Mayamalavagowlai alapana would’ve sounded better if the traces of Nadanamakriya had been avoided.Overheard a couple of others talking so too… did u feel so?



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