Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert

Sangeetha Sivakumar – Vocal
R K Sriramkumar – Violin
Sherthalai R. Ananthakrishnan – Mridangam
Purushottaman – Khanjira

Where & When? – Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall on 8th December

Concert Duration – 2 hrs

Songs List:
1. Varnam – Sri
2. Raama nannu – Harikambhoji – Neraval & Swarams at Mepula kai
3. Devi Brova – Chintamani
4. Ninnu vina – Poorvi Kalyani – Swarams at Paramalo
5. Nenarunchinaanu – Malavi
6. Sree krishnam – Todi – Neraval & Swarams at Shankachakradhara
7. Alaipayuthey – Kanada
8. Bare panduranga – Mand
9. Nee naamarupamulaku – Sowrashtram

This was one of the concerts that I felt was good in parts. Except for a slip in Purvi Kalyana swarams, Sangeetha sang well though I felt that her concerts that I attended last season were much better than this. But considering the way some of them sitting near me were enjoying the concert, I am not sure how many will agree with me. R K Sriramkumar was as usual excellent on the violin. Sangeetha’s Todi alapana was pretty good.

10 thoughts on “Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert

  1. Sathej

    Well, a nice list. But the main Shri Krishnam Bhaja Manasa, well, I have heard TNS’ version of it with Nagai Muralidharan on the violin at a Krishna Gana Sabha concert in 1985 (I think) – a commercial release and nothing I hear after that comes anywhere close to it – especially the Neraval and Swarams at Shanka Chakra followed by the truly once-in-a-lifetimeThani by Karaikkudi Mani and Harishankar-the entire Krithi (Thani included) lasting a full cassette and a half – nearly 1.5 hours.

  2. arvind

    DO these guys commenting on carnatic posts also learning music or they too are commenting with out any clues…
    sometimes it feels like i am in an alien world..

  3. Aparna

    Oh ok….Might have been that. I don’t remember much about the concert anyway


    🙂 They know about Carnatic music.

  4. Sathej

    Just saw the list again-esp in the light of yesterday’s amazing concert by TNS. I missed it in the first look. The Neraval line is Shanka Chakra Gadha Padamavana Malam. TNS yesterday was amazing-showed why he is miles above the rest. What Vidwat. And yes, Krishnam Bhaja was the main-my fav:) However, Neraval and Swaram were done at Pankajasanadi.


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