Isn’t there something mesmerizing about this raagam? I just now finished listening to a very beautiful AlApanai of ratipatipriya by Embar Kannan in the concert of Ghatam Karthick’s ‘Heart Beat’ team which is being live webcast here.

5 thoughts on “Ratipatipriya

  1. Neelesh

    I have a couple in my iTunes but have not listened to it much…Will do it now…

    There is another mesmerizing one…esp with Sanjay singing it..Rishabapriya (Gananaya desike…)…so close to Charukesi…

    – Neelesh

  2. amulu

    This is what happens to us in music: First one has to learn to hear a figure and melody at all, to detect and distinguish it, to isolate it and delimit it as a separate life. Then it requires some exertion and goodwill to tolerate it in spite of its strangeness, to be patient with its appearance and expression, and kindhearted about its oddity. Finally there comes a moment when we are used to it, when we wait for it, when we sense that we should miss it if it were missing; and now it continues to compel and enchant us relentlessly until we have become its humble and enraptured lovers who desire nothing better from the world than it and only it.
    But that is what happens to us not only in music. That is how we have learned to love all things that we now love. … Even those who love themselves will have learned it in this way; for there is no other way. Love, too, has to be learned.
    —Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Aparna

    Also check out Sikkil Gurucharan & Anil Srinivasan’s suttum vizhi sudardhaan from their album ‘Maayaa’, in case you haven’t. It has a very lovely ratipatipriya.

    Sanjay’s gananaya desika is one of my favourites!

    Welcome to my blog!

    Wow how true the lines are! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sathej


    Those are beautiful lines..Nicely put..haven’t come across uch thoughts on music by people such as Nietzsche..makes me want to google now for more such lines by Kant/Schopenhauer and who knows maybe even Camus and Sartre had something to say 🙂


  5. Neelesh

    Thanks Aparna..Will do..I am in Madras for a week, so will go CD shopping 🙂
    Do you know of any concert this week…will make some time for if so..


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