Rahman everywhere!

You switch on the TV – It’s ARR on all the news channels!
You open any newspaper – It’s Rahman again!
You check any blog – Posts about Rahman!
You check any website – So many articles on Rahman and interviews with him!
You log into GTalk/messenger – Rahmaniacs chatting about the man and his music! 🙂
And above all, you spend most of your waking moments listening to Delhi 6 and Slumdog Millionaire tracks!

The past one week has been such a great one for Rahmaniacs! One couldn’t have asked for more! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Rahman everywhere!

  1. sreekrishnan

    True to an extent …. but “your eyes see what it wants to see” there are other people out there who are like “what award did Rahman win ?”

    We Rahmaniacs look for Rahman info and watch those programs without missing it… Infact i watch an interview in CNN IBN, then read the same in the blog and watch the video once again later.

    But yeah – what a start for the new year ! i hope he keeps rocking with Blues, Chennaiyil and on !

    Btw: how did you like Kala Bandar ! … im loving it !

  2. R Sathyamurthy

    It is true. I subscribe to Sreekrishnan’s view that we tend to see what we want to see.

    I might sound “abaswaramish” but when I heard “Aaj ki raat” of SDM, I was reminded of Runa Laila numbers of late 1970s and also bit of Bappi Lahiri. I for one feel that Rahman has done much much better stuff than in SDM.

    He has won this award mainly because of the exposure this film got in the international arena. Else, I will consider his music in Taal and Lagaan of much superior quality compared to this own.

    About this award what stumped me was his very short and very humble acceptance note. That will remain in my memory for years.

  3. sangs

    Aparna : oops,faux pas.I should have scrolled down b4 leaving the earlier comment .yet to listen to dilli 6 and slumdog.the list just seems to get longer ..

  4. Aparna

    I know! Today morning I excitedly told someone ‘did you see Rahman has got 3 Oscar nominations!’ only to realize that the person wasn’t even aware of it 😐

    >i hope he keeps rocking with Blues, Chennaiyil and on !
    And of course, Mani Ratnam’s next movie! 🙂

    Am loving Kaala Bandar too. Am humming ‘Everybody’s looking for the monkey out there!’ 😉

    Aaj Ki Raat was not composed by Rahman.

    That’s why I didn’t check your blog at all 😛 Just kidding 🙂

    Delhi 6 CDs are out now. Hope you got it. I haven’t listened to Connections yet.

    Listen to Delhi 6 soon. All the songs are awesome and I still can’t have enough of listening to it! Btw all I feel like doing is just listen to the songs and lose myself in the magic of ARR’s music! Am not able to get myself to write anything about it. 😉

    Add Connections too to your long list.

  5. R Sathyamurthy

    So I was right that Aaj Ki Raat sounded like a Bappi Lahiri number 🙂

    Of course, I was thinking that it was composed by Rahman.

    I stand by my view that ARR has done much better numbers than in this film and it is only because of the international exposure of this film that he is getting this global recognition.

  6. Rick

    Had to write somewhere that this site is soberly done.

    and I loved the homepage title background …… that radiates intellgence.

    Sorry am stealing it.


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