6 thoughts on “Putthandu nalvazhtthukkal

  1. Sowmya

    Wish u the same 🙂 hey, u cant get away with a one-line post….Awaiting details followed after previous post!!!!

  2. Janani

    Hi Aparna,
    I am completely amazed by your contribution to music lovers. I learned music from my mother and now I am not in India anymore. I have learned only to sing till krithis and have not learned any theory side of carnatic music. I feel stuck half way as I can sing well but when it comes to identifying a ragam or talking about music I don’t fit in. Where can I get theory about music from scratch? I saw carnatica.com that u had suggested to someone else. But it is not helping me much. Please help!

  3. Aparna


    Thanks. Posts will follow soon

    Thank you

    Welcome to my blog! I am not aware of any other website. You can check out rasikas.org, in case you haven’t seen it already.

  4. Janani

    Thank you Aparna. I was aware of this website. I went again and checked and it helped. Also, congratulations on your wedding. May you have a happy married life.


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