Poonguyil Paadinaal

I started listening to the song, poonguyil paaDinaal from nammavar after a long time today and have been hooked to it ever since. Flute interlude before the vocal part of the song begins, guitar, simple beats, SPB’s and Chithra’s singing, some beautiful lines (poonguyil paaDinaal nalla sangeetham, kuzhandhayin azhugayum nalla sangeetham, oasai ellaam theerndhu poanaal aedhu sangeetham, satthangal illaadha mounangaL sangeetham), this is one of those songs that I would put under the category of feel-good songs. Except this and sorgam enbadhu namakku, I have not listened to other songs from this movie. Should listen to those soon…

4 thoughts on “Poonguyil Paadinaal

  1. Ben

    these two songs are very Rahman-ish. Rahman of the ‘i-do-my-music-in-my-key-board’ days. Sadly we dont have the gifted composer of Nammavar around now.

  2. R Sathyamurthy

    It is a very melodious number. Unfortunately this Music Director Mahesh is no more.

    There are two similar songs (in terms of the mood and feel).

    1. Anbe Sivam: Poovasam purapadum penney

    2. Hey Ram: Isaiyil thodanguthamma

    I am sure you would have heard both these songs. I especially like the lyrics of the “Poovasam” song.

  3. Madhav

    I too remember having read about Mahesh suffering from cancer or some such dreaded disease. Kudos to him and also to Kamal, who, I think, gave Mahesh a chance to score the music for this movie. Poonguyil is a nice number and so is sorgam enbathu…


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