P.G.Wodehouse’s Hot Water

I started reading this book sometime last month. But after crossing some 10-11 pages, I never got around to reading it at all. But that’s how it has been for the last few months. I start reading a book, get stuck at some page and after several unsuccessful attempts at trying to continue reading it, on one fine day, I suddenly get the urge to read it and then, finish reading the book within a day or two. In the case of this book, day before yesterday was the fine day when I finally resumed reading it. What a book it was! My liking for P.G.Wodehouse’s writing style seems to increase with every book of his I read. Be it the way he makes the plot more and more hilarious with each page, bringing in unexpected twists or even his description of how the weather is, I love it all.

‘Hot Water’ had the best set of unexpected twists in the story among the dozen or so books of Wodehouse that I have read. The clever way and ease with which Packy goes on weaving lie after lie, the bird’s eye view given by Wodehouse of what each of the more than 10 characters are doing at some point of time and not to forget that climax which totally took me by suprise! Oodles of laughter guaranteed! This book deserves another reading for sure, just for savouring Wodehouse’s brilliant writing once more.

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