M.S.Gopalakrishnan, Dr.M.Narmadha & M.S.G.Suresh’s Concert

Ganapatiraman – Mridangam

Where & When? – Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Kalapradarshini) on 2nd December

Concert Duration: 1.5 hrs

List of Songs:
1. Sri Maha Ganapati – Gowlai – Raaga Outline; Swarams at Sri Maha Ganapati
2. Rama Nee – Kedaram – Swarams at Rama
3. Evari To – Manavati
4. Sankari – Begada – Alapana by Suresh; Swarams at Sankari
5. Enta nerchina – Saveri – Alapana by Narmadha; Swarams at Enta Nerchina
6. Nagumomu – Abheri – Alapana by MSG; Swarams at jageme – Tani Avartanam
7. Tulsidas – Behag – Brief alapana by Narmadha
8. Tarana – Sindhu Bhairavi – Brief alapana by MSG
9. Tiruppugazh – Hamsanandi
10. Mangalam – Sowrashtram
11. Madhyamavati – Raaga Outline

The first three songs were quite good. I especially liked the Kedaram song and swarams. But after that, the Begada alapana by Suresh, which wasn’t that great, left me wishing MSG had played the alapana instead! Sankari in Begada is one of my favourites by MSG and I have listened to it so many times on a cassette of his. Saveri alapana by Narmadha was good. The Abheri alapana by MSG, though lasted just a few minutes, was nice. MSG’s Sindhu Bhairavi was just out of the world! I wish it had lasted for some more minutes! There was no neraval at all for any of the songs. 🙁

Btw, the film song, idhu oru ponmalai pozhudhu was the one that came to my mind on listening to Rama nee in Kedaram!! Never realized this song was in Kedaram till then!

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