MSG on Nada Neerajanam

On 20th April live telecast on TTD’s TV channel (SVBC)

M.S.Gopalakrishnan, Dr. Narmadha & Suresh – Violin
B.Ganapathyraman – Mridangam

Concert Duration: 1.5 hrs

1. Maha Ganapatim – Nattai – Swarams at Maha Ganapatim
2. Terateeyagara ra – Gowlipantu
3. Sakalagraha – Atana – Alapana by Narmadha
4. Sitamma – Vasanta – Alapana by Suresh
5. Venkatashaila – Hamir Kalyani – Alapana by MSG – tani Avartanam
6. Sriman Narayana – Bowli
7. Yare rangana – Hindolam – Alapana by Narmadha

Finally there is a TV channel which shows a Carnatic music concert everyday. 🙂 And that too live concerts.

It has been quite a long time since I went to MSG’s concerts and I was happy to see this concert being telecast. Though just for 1.5 hrs, this concert was an absolutely satisfying one! I liked the selection of ragas. The short Atana alapana that Narmadha played was one of the loveliest Atanas I have ever listened to! That and the Hamir Kalyani alapana by MSG, though only for a few minutes, were the best parts of the concert to me.

4 thoughts on “MSG on Nada Neerajanam

  1. raghu

    i am a disciple of Dr.M.Narmada and I worship of MSG.
    Is there a way that you can share this concert for me.
    i can provide you my phone and email id. kindly let me know.


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