Mazhai & Eeram

kaNNilE kalmisham
pOdhume silmisham
sparisamO thuLi visham
naan illai en vasam

(Lines from ‘Hey Goodbye naNbA’)

If I initially liked these lines just for the way they ended on a rhyming note and blended with the music, I later fell in love with the lines,

nee mazhai naan ilai
idharkku mEl uravillai
viDai koDu pOgirEn
eeramaai vaazhgirEn

(For those who don’t know, these are the lines of the other version of ‘Hey Goodbye naNbA’ which comes when Trisha and Siddharth are about to part)

Every time I listen to/think about these lines, I get reminded of the following favourite lines of mine from another Rahman-Vairamuthu combo song, idhudhaan vaazhkai enbadha:

nERRu mazhai peidhadhai eeram solginRadhu
kaNNil vazhiginRa kaNNeer kaadhal solginRadhu

While in ‘nee mazhai’, the lovers have reluctantly decided to part, in ‘idhudhaan vaazhkai’, they are parted forever by fate (vidhiyin vETkai as said in the song).

Seeing the second line from idhudhaan vaazhkai, the line that comes to my mind is

kaN thOnRi kaN kaaNaa kaNNeerO

(which is again from ‘Hey Goodbye naNba’)

P.S.: I know that this is an abrupt end to the post. But these were just some random thoughts/observations that came to my mind as I listened to ‘Hey Goodbye naNba’ and hence, the post itself is as abrupt as the thoughts themselves.

5 thoughts on “Mazhai & Eeram

  1. sangishyam

    kaNNilE kalmisham- I am always amazed how this really simple tune amazes me everytime I hear it. I am going to hear this one now


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