Margazhi Raagam

I watched Margazhi Raagam today 🙂 To begin with, it’s not everyday that you get to watch a ‘movie’ in a theatre where the majority of the audience comprises of Maamas and Maamis. 😉

Coming to the ‘movie’, the camera and lighting and of course, the audio are, needless to say, excellent. I liked the stage setting too. I didn’t like Bombay Jayashri’s part that much. Her singing, though quite good, was nowhere close to how it was in her Music Academy concert. Or so I felt. Graceful is the word that I would associate with Jayashri when I see her sing. Eyes closed and lost in the music is how she appears. But since I didn’t find anything that great about her singing, the visuals didn’t matter much to me. But, I just loved TMK’s part. I liked his part visually too since he is more expressive while singing and those have been captured so well on the camera.

Every moment of TMK’s singing in this is superb! I felt so happy listening to TMK after a long time (or so it feels like, since Sanjay is all I am listening to most of the times!)! Watching this movie today has compensated for no Sanjay’s or TMK’s concert happening today. 😉

P.S.: I didn’t want to know before watching the movie, what was sung by TMK and Bombay Jayashri in that. So, am not posting the songs list here now. If you want me to post, do let me know.

23 thoughts on “Margazhi Raagam

  1. Sowmya

    Happy new yr Aparna! So u saw margazhi raagam , and yes, dont post the list of songs please!! let it be a suspense, maybe u can do a write up later after we all see it.

    And yes, i agree with u wen u say that jayashri closes her eyes wen she sings and thats nice to watch, as in her devotion is well projected.

    And cud u tel me where i can see the movie online as i cant go to the theatre here

  2. Pooh!

    I lurk around ur blog very often and enjoy your writings.. especially your music posts. SInce I live in US and the probability of me watching Margazhi Raagam in a theater is zero to nil, I would appreciate a list.

  3. Aparna

    Thank you! 🙂 I think the DVD will soon be released. So, you can soon enjoy it sitting at your home 😉

    Belated welcome to my blog! Thank you! 🙂
    Sowmya doesn’t want me to post the list and you want me to. What do I do? 🙂

    Then you should go watch this, in case you still haven’t

  4. Sowmya

    Since Pooh does want the list maybe u can release it by the end of this month. By then i hope to see the movie too, he he he!

  5. Karthik Ramanan

    This i think is a very good attempt to popularize Carnatic Music. I was really impressed when i saw the trailer of the movie. All the settings and sound quality were just perfect. Guess i need to wait for the DVD!

  6. Pooh!

    I heard today that they MIGHT screen the movie in Houston for fanatics like me 😉 Well it might be late but it will still be worth it !

  7. Aparna

    Please do a google search

    s w a t,
    Thanks! 🙂

    And I am sure it’s going to be worth the wait 🙂

    Thanks for the links. Shall check those out soon

    That’s great! 🙂

  8. Aarthi

    Hello all,

    Margazhi Raagam will be released in due course around the world as well, including the US! We plan on a US release sometime in March… I’d suggest you visit for updates on where the concert movie is being shown at.

    It’s showing only at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai now, and releasing at KG Big Cinema Anu Pallavi in Coimbatore this weekend… and in many more places soon.

    Thanks for the appreciation!

  9. Aruna

    Hello all:

    I wanted to let you know that Margazhi Raagam is set to premiere in San Francisco on April 24, 2009 at Dolby Labs (wow! the acoustics) at 7 pm. A second screening will be on May 31, 2009 at IMC6 in San Jose at 3 pm. After that, it will be screened in different US cities. Email me for details to

    see you at the concert…

  10. Aruna

    You’re welcome…please let your fellow bloggers know that they can also contact me by phone 408.718.5261 or email for information on USA and Canada screenings of Margazhi Raagam in their city. If anyone is interested in promoting or helping us market it in their cities, please contact me at the earliest.



    Thanks for your review. I would like to see Margazhi Raagam as I am an ardent lover of classical music. But I don’t know when I might get a chance to see as I have not heard of the movie being released anywhere in Pune or Mumbai. It may be quite a long time for such a lovely movie to come to Maharashtra. Is it possible to see it in any internet site?
    Atleast the songs if could be downloaded will be great. Can you throw some light on this aspect giving me the location/website etc.

    Thanks and regards.

  12. Bala

    Hi Aparna

    You have a nice blog.

    Can you pls e-mail me the song list. I plan to go to the movie and I will enjoy more with a bit of preview, I suppose.

    Many thanks


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