Even though I had wanted to listen to Sikkil Gurucharan & Anil Srinivasan’s album Madhirakshi for quite sometime, it was only after attending a lec-dem by Anil Srinivasan during the December Season in which Sikkil Gurucharan sang Pirava Varam in the end, that I wanted to listen to it asap. The ambience at Vinnyasa Art Gallery, where the lec-dem happened, latAngi, which happens to be one of my favourite raagams and Gurucharan’s voice (Hasn’t he got a beautiful voice!) with Anil Srinivasan’s piano– it was magical. (I wanted to write this here on the day of the lec-dem itself. But never got around to writing it. Anyway, better late than never!)

Coming back to Madhirakshi, I did listen to it finally sometime in January end. Apart from piravA varam, Omana tingaL is the other song that I liked very much. Aarabhi is, after all, another most favourite raagam of mine. I like these two so much that, till now, I have listened to the remaining songs in the album just once, since the moment I think about Madhirakshi, these two songs are the only ones that I feel like listening to. 🙂 I was listening to these two songs on a repeat mode yesterday evening. And even now, that is what I am doing. Lost in the beauty of the contrasting soft and melodious Latangi and Aarabhi pieces!

By the way, only after listening to Omana thingaL, I realized that the Malayalam lines that come in Kuluvalile, the song in Muthu, are the opening lines of this song.

11 thoughts on “Madhirakshi

  1. harish

    this Vinnyasa Art Gallery is in chennai i guess. I’ve listened to very little carnatic music, so i dont have any idea about the ragams you are talking about…

  2. RK

    Hey Aparna,
    I have been reading your blogs for a little while now. Now that you like Madhirakshi, try this album called “Blues Divine” – also by Gurucharan and Anil. It is a gem of an album.

  3. Dandilsa

    I am a HUGE fan of the Madhirakshi bani 🙂 Pirava Varam and Payadda were the songs I liked first. With repeated hearings, the Brindavana Saranga alapana became the favoritest! And then when I started paying attention to the lyrics, Sediyaga was on top of the list. Omana Thingal has been my lullaby on several blue days..Sorry for the ranting long comment but this is one of my favorite albums. I will totally recommend Maya also..

  4. Aparna

    Yes it is in Chennai. You can always get to know the raagams if you are interested 🙂

    Belated welcome to my blog! Will check those out sometime

    I know Madhirakshi is one of your favourites & knew you would comment too 🙂 To me every other Brindavana Saranga fades in comparison to TNS’! And that was the reason why I didn’t even give the B’Saranga in this another try. Anyway I should again listen to the remaining songs in this soon.

  5. Sathej

    Hmm..I hear this Lathangi on and off in Shruthi. Somehow, the fomrat of vocal and piano , to me, doesn’t sync at all. The piano plays something else in the background! And at times it looks like the full essence of Lathangi isn’t brought out due to the limitaion imposed by the presence of the piano.


  6. Aparna

    Anil Srinivasan has told that he doesn’t play the raaga exactly. You should have come for that lec-dem. Anyway, I would have been surprised had this even appealed to you since any deviation from proper Carnatic Music doesn’t appeal to you at all 😉 Just kidding!

  7. Swamaaya

    Can someone please tell me where I can buy online the albums , you talk about in this post – Madhuraksi, Maaya, etc

    I am eager to listen to Omana Thingal

  8. Arun Sankar


    Is there a place to buy this album….a friend of mine recommended me to buy…i have been trying luck yet…the Charsur link in google too seems to be not working….



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