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Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! 🙂

Till a couple of days back, it was said in the trailer & ads that there was going to be an interview with Madhavan on Kalaignar TV at 8 am today. With Sanjay’s concert on radio at 8:30 am, I was glad that I would be able to catch up with both the programmes. But when I was channel-surfing during the break in Jab We Met, which by the way, was telecast on Zee yesterday evening, I was surprised to see an interview with Madhavan on Kalaignar TV! I had no idea at all that they had changed the time. I watched only the last 10 minutes of the interview. 🙁 Seeing an interview with Madhavan at 8:15 am on Jaya TV today, I guess that must have been the reason why the time of the interview on Kalaignar TV must have been changed. God knows which channel first decided to air Madhavan’s interview at 8 am today!

Coming to today’s interview, I must tell you that it was a big bore. How many times will the ask him the same old questions like the difference between working in TV programmes & movies, how did the experience of working on TV programmes help him when he started working in films, how does his wife react to him having a huge female fan following, what kind of a student was he during college, etc.! One might as well and go & read/watch some old interview of his to know the answers to all these questions. 😐 The only new info that I came to know from today’s interview is his first day shooting experience of Snehidhane song.

Even the last few minutes of yesterday’s interview had nothing new. He was asked to share his experience of working with Kamal. Madhavan himself said that he is being asked this question in all the interviews during the last few years and went on talk about Kamal & the movie.

It’s high time the channels come up with new questions when interviewing someone!

11 thoughts on “Madhavan’s interview

  1. PrasadC

    Completely unrelated but I found your earlier green theme (the one still in your wordpress site) so much refreshing and better than your current theme.

    Happy diwali.

  2. Sreekrishnan

    Interviews must be banned … esp Madhavan, Vikram and Vijay – we know everything about them … They havent achieved anything big off late … and their movies aint that good to speak of. But they keep basking on what they did sometime back – like Alaipayuthey or Kasi or … oops nothing for Vijay !

    I excluded Ajith – coz he has given 4 5 interview in the last 10 years – we have 4 5 more to get bored of.

    I excluded Surya – coz his movies are good even though his persona stuffs are boring !

    I will never include rahman or Mani in that list for obvious reasons – and Rajni or Kamal !

  3. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    Yeah saw the interview’s Ad and I thought you would not miss it for sure.

    BTW Happy New Diwali to you and your family.


  4. naane

    What else one could ask an actor or actress… they don’t do anything great for the fame they get in their life… yeah, yeah!!! they “act”… hmm mean even in interview!!!
    BTW, did you think about the possibility, it is not the interview that is boring, but could be the person himself!!!?
    (ow! let me put on my sheild to protect me from flaming arrows:)

    Happy Deepavali.

  5. Aparna




    Oh. Thank you

    Agree with everything that you have said but there are times when I feel that interview with Rahman should also be banned till they are able to come up with some new questions. There are way too many interviews with Rahman nowadays.

    🙂 Thank you

    LOL! But you have got a good point there even though Madhavan is surely not a person who is boring 😉

    Thank you


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