Written yesterday night….

My baby is asleep. My husband is in Singapore. Here I am in my in-laws place lying next to my sleeping baby and pondering about life.

Sahana – my life completely revolves around her these days. She recently turned 6 months old. Though it would be clichéd to say that I can’t believe six months has already passed, time indeed does seems to have flown by! It has been such a pleasurable and overwhelming journey so far. Every moment of my life is so much fun these days.

I am now on a long break from work. I have been on leave since December. Not that I enjoyed all the work that I did. In fact, there have been several moments when I wanted to quit the job. Nevertheless, I have been with the same company for the last six years and now when I am on a break, I do miss my job to some extent! I do miss the rushing to work everyday morning and spending hours in front of the computer. Forget the work as such, I am attached to my work place and the campus even more! It is where I got many good friends and where I have spent several hours happily chatting with them.

I hardly step out of the house these days! There was Sanjay’s kutcheri happening after several months yesterday and I obviously couldn’t go for it. I was going for a walk regularly till a few weeks back. But that has also stopped now and there are moments when I wish I could go out somewhere. It is high time I resumed the walk!

It’s said, ‘Life is what happens while you’re busy planning’ – How true that is! A couple of years back, when I got engaged, little did I expect that my life would change so much. Of course, becoming a mother has been such a huge change, one that has changed my life forever, but another change that I never expected I would have to embrace so soon was moving out of Madras! Back then, to be married to a marine engineer based out of Madras and who didn’t have plans of moving to any other place right away, I was happy that my dream of continuing to be in Madras wasn’t disturbed. All you readers, more than anybody else, know how much I am attached to the city! But now, in less than a couple of months, I will be moving to Singapore!

Of course, I’ll be back in Madras in a few years and getting to know a new place will be an exciting experience. But along with motherhood and the long break from work, this wasn’t another change that I thought would happen simultaneously. As I am all set to don the role of a homemaker, I thought I should come out of the hibernation to let you all know what’s going on in my life.

A few days back, I saw a very beautiful sunset from the terrace of my house. I was seeing a sunset/sunrise after a very long time. Seeing the silhouette of a dish antenna and the crimson-red sun and the sky painted with hues of pink and orange forming the backdrop, even as I was enjoying the sight, I thought how had it been a few years back, the first thing that I would have done was to write a blog post on it and how my blog is lying in a sorry state now. Now that I have written this post, I have yet again started harbouring hopes of resurrecting my blog!

11 thoughts on “Life

  1. Sathej

    I can so understand the myriad thoughts that can happen at such times – just too many changes before one can even come to terms with one! Started to go through it a couple of years back and still am. After a point, one just lets things flow, I guess! Its all so puzzling how we end up doing things that we couldn’t even imagine even a few months back! Hmm..moving houses, becoming a mother, moving countries – from one to the other..

    Anyway, have a nice experience with things..


  2. Kalyan

    All the best for the next pahse in your life.
    Really enjoyed the line – ‘Life is what happens while you’re busy planning’
    My blog has been in a much more pathetic state for the past 6 months. Should do something about that.
    Anyways, keep blogging. Have a wonderful life ahead

  3. Akila

    Hey Aparna,
    Good luck with your life in Singapore.:) I have been meaning to contact you for sometime now, and remembered your page. So have you moved out of Chennai?

  4. Suresh Subrahmanyan

    Aparna – the actual line is “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, from a lovely John Lennon song called “Beautiful boy”, dedicated to his son, Sean. You should listen to it from youtube or itunes. Unusually mushy for a Lennon song, but quite moving.


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