Latika’s Theme

is my current favourite. Been listening to it on a loop for more than an hour now. Haunting, soothing, soulful piece of music! Just the right song to listen to when there is lots going on in your mind. Hmmm!

8 thoughts on “Latika’s Theme

  1. Teal

    I preferred Jai ho and Aaj ki raat. But i love Mausam and Escape , how it starts off slowly and then picks up pace 🙂 Of course in parts it vaguely reminds of another track, but never mind.

  2. Aparna

    Oh! You should try listening to it again!

    Aaj Ki Raat is one of my favs too. But it was not composed by ARR.


    Latika’s Theme, Dreams on Fire, O Saaya and Mausam and Escape! 😉

  3. Dhanasekar

    I love the transformation at 2:14, should close your eyes and listen to this, I found some similarities between this and Jessy’s Land of VTV. yesterday I noticed this is used in the new Slice advertisement
    -Dhanasekar S


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