Kadhalikka neramillai

A couple days back, I saw a blue and white Plymouth car in Boat Club Road. Seeing the car reminded me of the movie, ‘Kadhalikka neramillai’ – Muthuraman leaving for picnic in the Plymouth car and V.S.Raghavan looking at the car in shock and surprise wondering how on earth his car ended up with this rich millionaire. ‘Kadhalikka neramillai’ is one of my favourite movies. It’s a movie that I am never tired of watching. The scene where Nagesh narrates the story of his movie to Balaiah and Balaiah’s reactions to it, the way Balaiah talks and treats Chidambaram/Muthuraman with so much respect (real bhaya bhakti? 😉 ) completely unaware that he is being fooled by them, Nagesh trying to make Sacchu act are the scenes that instantly come to my mind every time I think I about the movie. Nagesh and Balaiah are the real stars of the movie.

When that’s the case, now imagine ‘Kadhalikka neramillai’ being remade now and Vadivelu playing Nagesh’s or Balaiah’s role! 😐 When I read in yesterday’s edition of ‘ergo’ that ‘Kadhalikka neramillai’ is going to be remade and Vadivelu might play Nagesh or Balaiah’s role, the very thought of Vadivelu in the movie got me irritated. I sincerely hope this movie isn’t remade at all. If at all it’s going to be remade, I wouldn’t want to see Vadivelu in the movie – I can’t stand watching him and his comedy!

Talking about Kadhalikka neramillai, my father tells me that this movie was given a ‘A’ rating at the time of its release!! The very fact that my father was not allowed to watch it at the time of its release but a few decades after the release of the movie, my sister and I have watched it with our grandparents so many times, shows how much times have changed. 😉

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  1. Deep Trance

    An evergreen comedy with director Sridhar at the zenith of his prowess. My dad tells me that the first week of its release it ran to empty halls and in subsequent weeks it was impossible to get a single ticket.
    Every watching brings out something new. The last time I watched it, I made a note of how Balaiyah suddenly starts calling the Ravichandran character as “Asokar” instead of Ashok.

  2. krishnakumar

    Sorry for goin off-topic.
    i’d sent you the 4 tracks that ARR had written for Shekar kapur’s Elizabeth : The Golden age..Among the 4 exquisitely crafted music pieces,my pick is the divinity theme..Mindblowing n yes DIVINE!!

  3. priyaiyer

    hey, i’ve got this movie. haven’t seen it yet. guess now is the right time to see it! 🙂

    i dint know its being re-made. :O me knowledge very poor, in case of tamil movie world….

  4. Srikanth

    Wow! Kadhalikka Neramillai… movie.

    Its my favorite movie of all time 🙂 I like the “Viswanathan velai vendum”, “Anubhavam pudhumai”, “Unga ponnana kaikal punnaagalamaa” songs. Anubhavam pudhumai is a fantastic romantic song. The melody is just melting.

    Balayya in this movie has overtaken the other youngsters including Nagesh. He starts like “Intha asokku paya irukkaane” and when he comes to know ashok is a son of the millionaire he changes the tone and says “Asokarrr unga maharrraa” – pretty hilarious.

    Vadivelu in kadhalikka neramillai? OMG! I like some of the vadivelu comedy – its a different type – can’t suit to Kadhalikka Neramillai. Nowadays there is not much choice in senior actors as well.

    Yes, times have changed. Your post rekindles nostalgia 🙂

  5. Aparna

    F e r r a r i,

    Deep Trance,
    Yup Ooty varai uravu is another movie of Sridhar’s that I like.
    >“Asokar” instead of Ashok
    LOL yeah

    Thanks but I guess the soundtrack is available in stores in Chennai. I will be getting the CD soon.

    Watch it soon. I am sure you will enjoy it 🙂
    These days, my knowledge about Tamil films isn’t that great either.

    I too like the songs of Kadhalikka Neramillai. naaLaam naaLaam song is good too.
    > Balayya in this movie has overtaken the other youngsters including Nagesh.
    Exactly! That Asokar scene gets me laughing every time I watch it.
    When there’s no choice in senior actors, they might as well not remake it. I don’t want to see him do any of the roles in the movie.
    >Your post rekindles nostalgia

    Cheating/fooling their parents to get married to a girl/guy of their choice might not have appeared funny to some people those days.

  6. arvind

    oh my god …. thank god i belong to a smarter generation … 😛 it would have been tough living at those times especially for lovers.. 😀
    by the way
    “Cheating/fooling their parents to get married to a girl/guy of their choice might not have appeared funny to some people those days”
    if this is the reason can a guy more than 20 years of age see all those and opt cheating 🙂
    crazy ppl… 😀
    really crazy.. i cant control my laughter…ROFL.. A grade 😀 ..he he

  7. Hari Prasad

    Yes, this movie is an all time favorite of many people, especially my uncle. I have been to the bungalow where the movie was shot. The same bungalow where the guys sing “Vishwanathan velai vendum” song when the girls pour buckets of water on them from the balcony. 🙂 We had gone on a trip to a friends house in Alliyar and this place was located just opposite to his home! In fact it has appeared in a whole lot of Tamil movies. But that day, it was really a strange feeling standing there, in the balcony, visualizing the song!

  8. Arunk

    Indeed an awesome movie. Btw that famous “storytelling” scene is there on youtube (just search for nagesh). Some great lines I can (vaguely) remember:
    1. nagesh’s response to “we don’t see tamil movies, we only see english movies”
    2. “oh oh paDippu vera illaya?’ (or was it velai/work instead of paDippu) – balaiah’s response to the marriage broker
    3. nagesh and balaiah’s dialogues about hitting themselves with seruppu/footwear

  9. Hari Prasad

    And coming to remakes, it only shows that people are running out of creative ideas for new scripts. There is no other reason why one would take a classic and tamper with it.

  10. sreekrishnanv

    “Nagesh trying to make Sacchu act are the scenes ” Terrific comedy – the one on the rocks and explaining the scene …

    i dont think we have some one to equal to balaiah and Nagesh these days

    It takes lot to bring that charm and i think Vivek can fairly do that role of Nagesh and to an extent Vadivelu can do a Baliah … given their combo in Manathai thriudivittai !

    We do have better heroes than those …

  11. Sriram

    its a well crafted masterpiece (except for some irritating songs) that did justice to nagesh/baliah like no other movie has since tho some have come really close. but it mirrored society as it was then no more than the crap puked out by kollywood today reflects the way we live/love today so its foolish to think we’re any smarter today based on this movie. btw, i think ur underestimating vadivelu – he obviously is no baliah but im sure he will leave his own unique mark

  12. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog 🙂 Hope you watch it soon

    > thank god i belong to a smarter generation
    Times keep changing. Your grandchildren might not find you to be from a smart generation 😛

    Oh that must have been a nice experience. 🙂
    Exactly. Instead of working hard to sodhappify a classic, they might as well try to come up with their own script.

    Nagesh and Balaiah’s dialogue delivery for those scenes! Chancey illa!
    Btw, it was paDippu only.

    I watch Vadivelu’s comedies only rarely. So no idea about manadhai thirudivittai. Anyway no one can bring that charm again.

    Songs aren’t that bad that too when you compare it with the songs in the movies nowadays.
    >so its foolish to think we’re any smarter today based on this movie.
    I generally don’t form any opinions based on movies.
    I can’t stand watching Vadivelu on screen. So I don’t care about whether he is good or not.

  13. ks

    great site
    this movie is one of the best
    why didn’t anyone (ok.. except1) talk about naalaam…. ?
    that was my proposal song to my would- be wife!
    we used to sing that endlessly (really) before and after the marriage.. we do that now, too!
    abt remake… pleeeeeez… some one put some sense.. thiruvilayaadal (name wise) has been trashed; now this popular romance will become.. what… they can’t make it look like ANYTHING.. if u get what i mean. don’t touch this movie..
    abt ‘A’ rating.. there were 2 areas.. during the song anubhavam and song kaadhalikka neramillai.. sridhar saw to it that the closeness / intimacy went as faar as possible; bordering on what was then ‘sensuous’ – unlike the ‘a’ cert for vennira aadai- which was for what we could now call ‘ wardrobe malfunction’.. – more details only if needed to be posted here.. sridhar slicked a few frames here and there and repasted it to get the ‘a’ removed.
    but, note that at the same time helen and company and their ‘counter’ parts in tamil were wearing as little as possible… it was acceptable that the vamp could do that; a heroine should not…
    abt first day crowd.. thought of the story of sankarabharanam.. k viswanath was asked to take the movie away from the theatres (cinemas) on the 9th day of release.- they had already released it in just a few theatres in andhra so that crowds (!) could concentrate there and the theatres could run.- but the 3rd week saw the mild crowd and then.. the rest is history…
    ok put a ‘o’ to kaadhalikka neramillai !

    ms aparna.. grt site again and best wishes

  14. Sami

    Yes a great movie ! When we went to aaliyaar dam, still that house is being referred as kathalikka neramillai viswanathan velai vendum house ! That explains the popularity of the film & song that span generations ! Vadivelu is not that bad but currently he is getting bad ! He was bad when he paired up with kovai sarala ! Didnt u see winner ! One of my all time favs

  15. Aparna


    Welcome to my blog 🙂
    Oh so that was the reason for an a cert.. Thanks for the trivia about the movies.
    Thank you! Do keep reading my blog.

    I have never heard of aaliyar dam. Now got more info on it from as usual, Google search.
    I didn’t see Winner.

  16. R Sathyamurthy

    Kadhalikka Neramillai is the first Eastman Color film made in Tamil. One more pioneering effort of the master Director Sridhar.

    The guy who wrote the dialogues for this movie is Chitralaya Gopu, school friend and later associate director and comedy track writer for Sridhar movies. Also director of another classic comedy in Tamil, namely, Kasedhan Kadavulada.

    One small pride for me when I speak about Chitralaya Mr. Gopu. I and Mr. Gopu’s son were class mates in The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Triplicane. I still remember his innocuous but rip roaring comments during the time when I was watching the Victoria Cup matches in 1985 in their house in a packed hall that had 20 of us besides Mr. Gopu’s family even at such early morning as 5.30 AM. Another cherished memory is India winning that cup and Ravi Shastri winning the Man of the Series Audi.

    Mr. Gopu’s son and my classmate Mr. Sriram, is now Chitralaya Sriram and has taken to his father’s footsteps having written three of the most successful comedy plays of recent times, namely, Kadhalikka Neram Hundu, Thanthramukhi and the super hit Swadeshi Iyer.

    Best Regards
    R Sathyamurthy

  17. H U S S A I N

    This is a remake of the famous Hindi movie Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966). But I guess the Hindi version didn’t make much of a hit. !!!

    I love this movie too ….

  18. Saravanan AE


    You have reversed the fact. The Hindi version was a remake of the Kadhalikka Neramillai and not the other way round. The Hindi remake did not go well obviously as they did not have actors like Balayya and Nagesh…


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