Jab We Met

Having nothing to do on Sunday evening, I thought I might as well watch the movie, Jab We Met (telecast on Sony), since I remembered reading good reviews about it. But I have never liked Shahid Kapoor. So I started watching the movie, not sure of how long I will have the patience to watch Shahid and Kareena. Besides, these days, I seem to have lost the patience to sit through the long breaks in between. 20 minutes into the movie, the first break came and still I wasn’t bored of the movie. In fact, I seemed to like it!

Though this movie reminded me of so many other movies like Pyar To Hona Hi Tha and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, yet there were a lot of scenes aided by good dialogues that made for nice moments throughout this movie. The bonding between Shahid and Kareena that starts with Kareena chatting away endlessly while Shahid, forget about uttering a word, does not even changes the sad, serious expression on his face and ultimately ends with them both tying the knot is shown beautifully. But it’s beautiful only till the point where Shahid succeeds in getting Kareena reunited with her ex-lover. From that point onwards, the movie becomes boring and the scenes that follow pale in comparison to the earlier ones. But anyway since the movie ends soon after that, it isn’t that bad after all. The songs weren’t that bad either. There were some beautiful sunsets and sunrises shown to mark the end/beginning of many days throughout the movie.

On the whole, it was a nice movie. After a long time, I liked a Hindi movie that I watched on TV….

18 thoughts on “Jab We Met

  1. SK

    I liked it ok types. Watched it with three guys, who couldnt sit still, or stop commenting, making fun of the movie :–S

  2. Aparna

    Exactly 🙂 I liked a movie that I watched in theatre 😉

    Oh I thought the movie can be watched atleast once without getting bored.

  3. vidhya

    I have watched the movie more than 5 times… Its is a simple story narrated so well… very good dialogues ,many made me rofl … I was drooling seeing shahid in the movie 😛
    Its a must watch movie…

  4. Sriram

    u can add one more thing to the list of things that annoy me apart from fawning over arr(which doesn’t bother me too much tho) – golt movie reviews!! now before u get any ideas let me make it clear that im the furthest from a language fanatic or chauvinist of any kind, even if I jus say so myself – i actually love thyagaraja swamy compositions & routinely tell my golt-friends that he composed the gems only bcos he grew up in the tiruvarur & if he had anywhere near been andhra he’dve been doomed!he actually once walked all the way to tirupati (‘tera diyaka’)& promptly returned home unimpressed by everything except the deity – so u get the idea. back to my original point – how do u guys understand telegu? Or even hindi for that matter! maybe madras has changed a lot since when I grew up there in the 80s/90s but when/why/how did ppls knowledge of these languages increase so much that one can review them when leave alone undertsnad/follow them!

  5. Aparna

    Yeah watch it sometime.

    More than 5 times? :O
    >drooling seeing shahid in the movie
    I never thought someone will say this 😛 He sure seems to have come a long way 😉

    Huh? When did I review a Telugu movie??
    Anyway why can’t someone from Madras not understand Hindi or Telugu?

  6. priyaiyer

    🙂 i liked the movie, especially the part after both change their nature for the better. it has got some beautiful moments and some great songs. wouldn’t mind seeing it again. for a change, i liked shahid and kareena! 🙂

  7. Amit

    I saw the movie twice in theatre and thrice at home. Somehow, didn’t felt bored. I remember when I went with one of my friends to see it the first time, we thought that we would leave in the interval if the movie becomes unbearable. But it turned out to be something else. 🙂
    Its a beautiful story told in a very simple way.

  8. Sriram

    “Anyway why can’t someone from Madras not understand Hindi or Telugu?”

    it’s not a question of ‘cant’ & that wasn’t what I said. from your other post it’s obvious you went to great lengths to learn hindi. Learning any language other than one’s native one takes tremendous amount of effort and time so i’m always amazed by people who are multi-lingual. Some desis that I have met o/side India who speak hindi as their native language don’t seem to realize or acknowledge it – they just presume one should ‘know’ hindi if one’s from India! they seem uncomfortable with the fact that there’s a substantial minority like me who’s clueless about it and still call themselves Indian. even my ex-roomie initially thought i was flaunting my ignorance of hindi by ‘wearing it on my sleeve’ as he called it! so when i see bloggers like you dabble in movie reviews like this, i wonder if its contributing to the unreasonable expectation that everyone shld know hindi – even where its not part of the local culture. anyway, language issue is a minefield & im not sure u want to tread there on ur blog

  9. Bharath

    Hello there – Probably my first comment on your blog not related to Mani Ratnam or ARR… Picked up the DVD of this movie because of all the hype that surrounded it post release last year (Underrated, Kareena is 2007s best actress blah blah blah)… Was quite disappointed as there was nothing at all in the movie justifying its hype! The Kareena Shahid chemistry was lukewarm… Acting and direction was ordinary… Wonder what all the fuss was about?

  10. Aparna

    Oh. I don’t think I liked the movie so much that I will watch it thrice

    The first time I saw a group of North Indians and a group of Tamilians (who didn’t know Hindi) arguing over language was when I started working. I couldn’t believe that still there are many well-educated people who fight over language issues. As you have said, I am not interested in discussing about the language issue at all.

    Nope this is the second. The first comment was for my Madras day post.
    After seeing the chemistry between the lead pairs and the wonderful scenes in Mani Ratnam’s movies, everything else might seem lukewarm 😉 But watch the movie without any expectations and this will immediately fall into the category of feel-good movies, though there is nothing extraordinary about it.


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