It can’t get better than this!

10 whole days of doing nothing other than attending concerts and lec-dems has come to an end! And there couldn’t have been a better ending to it than a T.M.Krishna’s concert and a Sanjay’s concert back to back! All the 15 concerts of Sanjay this December Season, 6 full concerts and an hour and a half of 2 concerts of T.M.Krishna – what a month this has been!

4 thoughts on “It can’t get better than this!

  1. Mukund


    Were you also present in the Snajy’s concert at Music academy on Dec23rd. I was lucky coz i never thought i wud get a chance to sit in the dais, thanks to the tickets provided by some friends.

    Amazing 2 and 1/2 hours perfromace. The most memorable moment of my life.


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