I want to go for a Sanjay’s concert!

Can there be a better way to relax than reading a good book with some good music for company at the end of a day, a major part of which saw me being in an irritated mood? Am now reading P.G.Wodehouse’s ‘Service with a Smile’ (a Blandings story) and listening to a recording of a concert of Sanjay.

It has been really long since I listened to a full-length concert recording of Sanjay and that has made the listening experience even more blissful now! I have already started reminiscing about the Dec Season 2008. 🙂 Those amazing Darbari Kanada, Madhuvanti, Chayaranjani, Saramati, Chandrakauns, Abheri and Desh RTPs, those fast-paced Aarabhi swarams, Yadukula Kambhoji & the brilliant Todi at Narada Gana Sabha, the brigas-laden (or so I remember it was) Purnachandrika alapana & the Vakulabharanam & Kanada pieces at Kalarasana, Shanmukhapriya at Indian Fine Arts, Ravichandrika Alapana at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, Janaranjani alapana at Kartik Fine Arts, Kapi at Krishna Gana Sabha, the Hamsanadam piece at Margazhi Mahotsavam, tunbam nergayil, nijagadasa and that veryyyy beautiful ninnaye rati (in Bhageshri) at Music Academy! I want to listen to it all again!! With a concert of Sanjay on what seemed like every other day and all the concerts turning out to be equally brilliant ones and me spending most of my waking moments listening to just Sanjay’s recordings, what an absolutely blissful and most satisfying month it was!!! I, now, so very badly want to go for a Sanjay’s concert! Somebody please organize a concert of his soon! 😛

P.S.: With the P.G.Wodehouse book providing some laughter in the form of some humorous moments and Sanjay’s awesome singing providing that indescribable and unsurpassed magical experience, I see no signs of my irritated mood anywhere near me. 🙂

15 thoughts on “I want to go for a Sanjay’s concert!

  1. Sandeep

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think Sanjay has any concerts in Chennai for a while… =/

    Good luck w the books & recordings 🙂

  2. Sowmya

    Sanjay’s music is such a mood lifter for me! And also nowadays, whenever i listen to a song from Sanjay and then listen to anyone else rendering it, I feel no one can do full justice like Sanjay

  3. krishna s

    Really a great effort. I truly appreciate your contribution for the music loving folks. truly enjoyed all the posts and commends. wee need more discussions like this on music

  4. aandthirtyeights

    His best concert this season (I heard Vani Mahal, KGS, NGS (oh man, that Thodi!) and Music Academy) was at Vani Mahal – Charukeshi RTP and Kharaharapriya… Just after the season, I heard him in Bangalore where he sang Chandrakauns. That was also a stunning concert!

  5. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog! I liked some of the other concerts more than the Vani Mahal one one of the reasons for that being Mysore Nagaraj’s violin accompaniment for it, which I didn’t like much

  6. S Kumar

    Aparna, How to find out Sanjay / TMK concert schedule for first two weeks of June 09? Their websites are not up to date.. I have sent an email to TMKand awaiting response. Not sure what Sanjay’s email ID is.


  7. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog! I don’t think you can get their schedules for June anywhere. Did you, by any chance, get a response? I would like to know the schedule too.

  8. Srilatha Vijay

    Hi I usually read your blogs on carnatic music and thanks for posting them especially for people like me who live out of India and miss all the kutcheri fun. Btw I went Sanjay subramaniam’s concert last sunday which was held at the Bhavan’s in South kensington , London. It is a good 100 mile away from where I live but I have been waiting so desperately for this concert that the distance did not seem too much.

    What a concert it was three and half hours of pure music. The RTP in Rageshri was the best part .

    Also the main item Chakkani raga in Kharaharapriya.

    Loved the begada varnam and the Janaki ramana in suddha seemandhini ragam. It was such a colour concert with a vaiety of songs.

    My favourite were the RTP . He sang the pallavi of RTP in Rageshri and then moved on to nattaikurinji, Subhapantuvarali and finished with punnagavarali. The cascading was so nicely rendered . Will post the long list soon.

    Thanks to your blog I feel closer to chennai than evr.

  9. Aparna

    A belated welcome to my blog! 🙂 I have to now thank for commenting about Sanjay’s concert 🙂 Am so badly missing his concerts! Am waiting to hear him sing that Rageshri here! He had recently sung it B’lore as well and I listened to that recording.

  10. Srilatha Vijay

    Organised by Vani Fine Arts http://www.vanifinearts.net/
    Sanjay Subramanyan- S.Varadarajan- Neyveli Venkatesh
    1. intha chAlamu – Begada – Adi
    2. jAnaki ramana – Shuddha Seemanthini – Adi (S)
    3. AnandanatanaprakAsham- Kedaram – Mishra Chapu (A)
    4. pAdavendume- HamsanAdam – Roopakam (A, N, S)
    5. chakkani rAjamArgamu – Kharaharapriya – Adi (A,S) – Tani Avarthanam
    6. kApaduve unadu- Anandabhairavi – Roopakam
    7. rAgeshree- RTP- (Pallavi: kAvA vA velavA then pazhani uruya murugA)- Thishra thriputa – Ragamalika swarams in nAtakurunji, shubhapanthuvarali, and unexpectedly concluding with kanda guhA shanmukha (kavadi chindu)
    8. thunbam nergayil – Desh – Adi
    9. mAthada bAradeno- Kamas
    10. viruttam- shanmukhapriya, saveri, shuddha dhanyasi followed by Brindavanam Iduvo
    11. vishveshwara- Sindhu Bhairavi – Roopakam
    12. manamE kaNamum maRavAdE

  11. Jayashree

    PGW books is one kind, one should never miss, regarding sanjay’s concert, i have never been to his concert once, am an illiterate in carnatic music, have just started my carnatic classes after years of break, and a long way to go. I planning to attend sanjay’s katcheri right from this december season and elighten, enrich and enjoy myself.


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