I miss

I miss those days when a major part of my day used to be spent in chatting with friends. Group chat with 4 friends, group chat with another group of 5 friends, individual chats with 2-3 friends – all happening simultaneously! I used to be so busy chatting that I never got the time to even get bored. 😛 Today, after a very long time, group chat happened with 3 of my friends. It made me miss those days all the more! Sigh!

3 thoughts on “I miss

  1. Sathej

    Hmm..true. Talking with close friends and letting out things can be wonderful. A pity that things are often so busy these days that people don’t get time.

  2. vidhya

    im still in the group chatting face 🙂 i m really chatting alot… too many chat windows at a time.. but one day im gonna miss them just like u…..


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