It’s been ages since I wrote anything. The only thing that I write these days is, guess what, recipes! Had somebody told me a year back that I would soon be doing a lot of cooking and that too trying out new dishes with a lot of interest, I wouldn’t have believed that something like that would happen.

These days I rarely read any blogs. I am so out of touch with everything that it was only a couple of days back that I came to know from my sister that Google Reader is going to be shut down! Oh no!

Anyway coming back to what I was about to say, today was one of those rare days when I didn’t have a sink-full of dishes to clean or a bucket-full of clothes to wash during my baby’s afternoon nap and I was also in a mood to relax. I watched a couple of interviews of Mani Ratnam about Kadal. I then read a few blogs including Lakshmi’s, from where I stumbled upon Yashodhara’s blog and enjoyed reading a new blog after a long, long time. I then started watching the movie ‘English Vinglish’, which my sister had recommended. My baby woke up halfway through the movie and she, surprisingly, did let me watch it fully. I liked the movie and found myself agreeing with the thoughts shared by the lead character on marriage and family.

At the end of what felt like a day from my erstwhile carefree-life, I felt like writing something here too.

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. LG

    I remember that phase of my life too, where I couldn’t even go to the bathroom in peace ! But in retrospect, that was a romantic part of being “mother”. That phase will pass, trust me.

    Keep the blog alive though. It will help you maintain sanity.

  2. trithi

    i like it ………….i jst started reading blogs nd its gud to read……..1……….nice 🙂


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