Have you not bought a seat in a good college yet?

It’s that time of the year again when the mad rush for getting admissions to ‘good’ engineering colleges has started. Even before the start of Board Exams, many parents are already thinking of paying 3-4 lakhs for buying seats for their sons/daughters in engineering colleges. When you don’t even know how the exams are going to be and how your son/daughter is going to perform in the exams (I am sure a student not scoring good marks throughout the year can surely score good marks in the board exams if he/she puts in adequate efforts during the study holidays.), why should you think of buying seats for them now itself thereby encouraging the college management to charge unreasonable ‘fees’ for management quota seats? Besides, won’t the student lose interest in preparing well for the exams when he knows that a seat is already waiting for him in a reputed college? I mean why should you study hard when you know you are surely going to get into a good college? 

3 thoughts on “Have you not bought a seat in a good college yet?

  1. Sathej

    Yes,it is indeed very sad!I just do not know how good engineers can be produced like this.I wonder if we need so many colleges!Some of them are really apalling in education standards.


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