Happy World Environment Day!

From dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn, the nature in all its glory and splendour is a delight to admire.

Bidding adieu to the stars, sun wakes up and along with it, the sky full of clouds or a clear sky starts trying out multitude shades of blue, golden yellow, pink, red and even light hues of purple. With chirping of birds and dewdrops on leaves and grass being the other accompaniments, can there be anything more serene and beautiful than this? A whole new day begins. 🙂 And the sun then starts shining brightly.

But aren’t the trees there, providing us with a shelter of brand new leaves every year for the oncoming sweltering heat of summer? The thousands of species of plants and trees, each of different sizes and each having unique shaped leaves in unique shade of green. The trees shedding their leaves and still looking so beautiful (There’s something nice about trees with bare branches too!)The arrival of teeny-weeny leaves on the huge leafless trees and small plants and with it arriving the spring season, making the world so colourful by painting the flowers in a stunning array of colours that you cannot even dare to think of recreating with your colour pencils or crayons. 😉 Colourful flowers in full bloom with its fragrance filling the air. Beautiful!

Or what if the sun was not shining brightly?

The caress of cool breeze on your face, lightning and the sound of thunder, the feel of the first drop of rain falling on you, the smell of earth as the raindrops reach the ground from the cotton-candy-like clouds of colours varying from grayish to snow-white in various shapes up above. Bliss! Making an appearance once in while with slight rain is the perfectly-drawn rainbow having seven distinct colours.

Forget about the sun and the rain. Just watching waves after waves in beach making a journey from God-knows-where to visit the shore before receding into the sea again. Walking on the lush carpet formed by tiny, tiny grass that feels so soft under your feet. Observing the ants, that seem to carry on with their lives in such a meticulous way, together carrying what to them is a huge chunk of food. 🙂 Seeing an elephant spraying water from its trunk. Seeing squirrels eating. The sight of a group of birds flying. The sight of a bird’s nest built with just twigs amazingly remaining strong enough to hold not just the eggs of the bird, but the bird itself that sits on the eggs protecting it. The green of parrots, the bluish-green or greenish-blue of a peacock’s neck, the vivid colours of a panchavarna kiLi, the blue of a kingfisher. Colourful butterflies.

The nature’s creation and works leaves you amazed! Be it in a city resembling a concrete jungle or in a quaint little village, if only you care to look at what’s around you, you will see that there is nature’s beauty surrounding you everywhere, waiting for you to enjoy it. Spare a moment to lose yourself in nature’s beauty. Try as much as you can to not tamper with it and contribute in your own small way for leaving it as it is for all the future generations to come. Let them enjoy their stay on earth as much as you are enjoying yours now! Happy World Environment Day!

5 thoughts on “Happy World Environment Day!

  1. Sami

    Belated happy environment day !

    A very nice post !

    It is sad to see the trees being cut in Jayanagar park road for the metro project 🙁


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